Johann Nikolaus Emmerich

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Johann Nikolaus Emmerich

Johann Nikolaus Emmerich (born June 7, 1791 in Groß-Umstadt , † August 14, 1868 in Arnsberg ) was a senior geometer and conductor of the cadastral commission . He was responsible for the overall management of land surveying in the Arnsberg administrative region .

Live and act

Emmerich came from a long-established Groß-Umstadt family from which several mayors emerged. He had been married to Helene Schlüchter since 1816 and had seven children. For decades he was an honorary member of the city council and the magistrate of the city of Arnsberg. He advised on the urban development of Arnsberg. In 1847, after the city fire, he made a plan for the reconstruction of the city. With expert opinions, he advocated the routing of a railway line in the Sauerland and the construction of a new water pipe. He was instrumental in the establishment of the Arnsberg weather station , the oldest weather station in the Sauerland; from 1817 to 1851 he carried out weather observations here.

The Duchy of Westphalia was heavily in debt when it passed to Hessen-Darmstadt . In order to be able to pay off part of the debts, the wealth tax was introduced in 1804. The Hessian government in Arnsberg ordered the creation of corridor and warehouse books for the precise recording of the properties . The chief tax commissioner Eckhard was transferred to Arnsberg in 1809 and entrusted with the construction of the land survey. Barely twenty years old, Emmerich was assigned to the land surveying authorities as an adjunct in 1810 . In the beginning he still worked under the direction of Eckhard; he created the basis for a scientifically sound and systematic survey of the Grand Duchy of Hesse-Darmstadt and then of the Prussian administrative district of Arnsberg. He was tasked with recruiting skilled workers who could draw maps and supervise surveyors. Chief Tax Commissioner Eckhard was transferred to Darmstadt in 1815/16 when the Duchy of Westphalia passed to Prussia. The Upper President Ludwig von Vincke appointed Emmerich head of the Prussian land surveying authority in Arnsberg. Under his direction, from 1816 to 1819, triangulation was used to measure the entire government district of Arnsberg and the adjoining Waldeck area, and a land register was created. Afterwards Emmerich was responsible for the overall management of the land survey and for the training of the surveyors as chief geometer and conductor of the cadastral commission. A cadastre for the entire province of Westphalia was available in 1825.


Emmerich wrote the presentation of the topographical and geographical conditions of this district. Because of the fundamental importance for the implementation of the national survey in the mountainous South Westphalia, this treatise was printed in the district's new statistical yearbook from 1856 .

Other work:

  • Topographic map of the districts of the government district of Arnsberg. Edited according to the cadastral maps at a scale of 1: 100,000 in the years 1840–1845 by N. Emmerich. Siegen / Wiesbaden 1845.


  • Because of his outstanding services in the field of land surveying, he received several high Prussian medals.
  • The official title of land registry inspector was awarded to him in 1855.
  • In 1991, the Arnsberger Heimatbund had a bronze plaque installed at the Eichholzfriedhof in Arnsberg.


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