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Portrait of Knohll
Johann Paul Knohll: Small Vinicultur booklet

Johann Paul Knohll (* around 1628 in / around Dresden ; † around 1708 / after 1702 probably in Kötzschenbroda , today Radebeul ), also Johann Paul Knoll , Johannes Paul Knohlle , JPK , or under the pseudonyms Sincerus Philalethes and Sincerus Philalethus , was an electoral Saxon Wine specialist as well as clerk, building clerk and vineyard clerk.

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The road sign to Knohllweg an der Hoflößnitz

Knohll, who comes from a family of winemakers, was commissioned as early as 1645/1646 with the supervision of families working in the Gedinge . In 1655 Knohll became deputy vineyard manager in Wittenberg .

From 1661 he was a building and mountain clerk in the electoral vineyards of the Lößnitz , based in the Hoflößnitz . In addition to his work overseeing the Hoflößnitz and the maintenance of the same, he wrote in 1667 with his work small Vinicultur Booklet , a work commissioned by the Elector, a review of the originating from the April 23, 1588 Electoral Saxon Weingebürgsordnung . In the work, not only is the canon of the 24 fixed rules of mandatory vineyard work in the electoral mountains explained in detail, but these are supplemented with personal experience. This made it the standard work of Saxon wineries until the 19th century. The examination of contemporary grievances in viticulture makes the book an important source of its time about the life and work of winemakers.

Not only because of the malicious statements against the winemakers in his book, but also because of the ongoing dispute with his winemakers, Knohll was relegated to Schulpforta near Naumburg as a mountain administrator in 1672 . Around 1685 he lived in Dresden and after 1690 as a teacher in Leipzig . After 1702, probably around 1708, Knohll probably died in Kötzschenbroda .

In Radebeul, a street directly on the Hoflößnitz - the Knohllweg - was named after him.


View of the vineyards in the Loessnitz with winery . Johann Paul Knohll: Small Vinicultur booklet . Frontispiece, 1667.
  • Johann Paul Knohll: Klein Vinicultur-Büchlein / This is Kurtzer's content and teaching of viticulture / As such in Upper Saxon / and mostly in Creysse in Meißnischen / maintained according to the local country style / and should be ordered once again with his special work / According to instructions the Elector. Saxon. Weingebürgs-Constitution located here. All Hauß fathers / to do / own / deal with / use oneself / and benefit from it / for a peculiar benefit and best / partly and mostly from own reflective / partly also learned from old Hauß fathers experience / collected and collected / By Johann Paul Knohllen / building and mountain clerks, in the Churfürstl. Saxon. Lößnitz near Dreßden / at Dero Berg- und Lust-Haus on the wine press there. With Churfürstl. Saxon. Freedom. Printed by Melchior Bergen / Churfürstl. S. Hof-Buchdrucker / 1667 . Further editions 1700, 1711, 1848.
  • dto. as a reprint at Edition Weinland Sachsen, Verlag Helmer Pardun, Radebeul, 2001.
  • Sincerus Philaletes: The curious and open-hearted wine doctor / That is: All kinds of tried and tested means / like the wine from the press on to carefully maintain / consistently good / to transform into other / herbal, aromatic and strange wines / and so he without any harm / be happy to help again; Communicated to all the Hauss fathers and mothers by Sincero Philaletes Dresden by Johann Jacob Wincklern / 1700 .
  • Anonymous (by Johann Paul Knohll): Kurtze description and instruction of the wine building / everyone / so to do / own / deal with / use and maintain oneself / for a strange benefit / next to an open-hearted wine doctor / or: all sorts of proven ones Means / such as carefully maintaining the wine from the press / maintaining it consistently / transforming it into other / herbs, spices and strange wines / and if it is almost harmed / helping it again; Communicated to all Hauss-Wirthen and increased with a school of trees. Dresden by Johann Jacob Wincklern / 1711.


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