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Heinrich Martin Magirius (born February 1, 1934 in Dresden ; † June 13, 2021 in Radebeul ) was a German art historian in the fields of building history and monument preservation as well as Saxon state curator .


Father Martin Magirius was a district judge, the mother Hannah (née Schreckenbach) a vocational school teacher. The theologian and former local politician Friedrich Magirius (* 1930) is his older brother.

Heinrich Magirius and Angelika Anneliese Sieber married on July 27, 1968; the couple has three children: Daniel Magirius, Magdalene Magirius, Andrea Magirius (married name: Andrea Sander).


After graduating from high school in Dresden in 1952, Heinrich Magirius studied art history , classical and Christian archeology in Greifswald and Leipzig . After receiving his doctorate in 1958, he worked at the Institute for Monument Preservation in the Dresden branch.

In 1987 he completed his habilitation on the history of monument preservation in Saxony. In 1989 he received a professorship at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts , where he had already taught from 1980.

From 1991 he was a member of the Saxon Academy of Sciences in Leipzig; For several years he was chairman of the Academy's commission for the history of art in Central Germany. From 1994 to 1999 he was the state curator in the State Office for the Preservation of Monuments in Saxony . In 1996 Magirius was a founding member of the Saxon Academy of the Arts .

Heinrich Magirius last lived in Radebeul . He died in June 2021 at the age of 87.


As a preservationist, Magirius was jointly responsible for the reconstruction of the Wolfgang Church in Schneeberg , the Dresden Semper Opera , the Dresden Castle and the Frauenkirche as well as for the restoration of the Freiberg Cathedral , the Church of St. Anne in Annaberg-Buchholz , the Meissen Cathedral and the Dresden Picture Gallery . His projects also included the St. Marienstern Monastery , Pillnitz Castle , St. Thomas Church in Leipzig and the St. Nicholas Church in Leipzig .

In addition, Henry Magirius devoted to archaeological work on Altzella , at Freiberg Cathedral , the choir screen of Wechselburger monastery , at Meissen Cathedral , at the Marienkirche Torgau and at the St. Thomas Church and St. Nicholas' Church in Leipzig.

In 1990 he was one of the authors of Aktion Ruf from Dresden for the reconstruction of the Frauenkirche and was committed to building culture through his membership in the association for monument preservation and new building in radebeul . He also took part in jury meetings for the Radebeul Builders Prize .

He was the author of numerous publications on the preservation of monuments, building history, art history and archeology.


Magirius complained about the lack of sensitivity and responsibility in dealing with historical buildings. Instead of empathy and a cautious approach to the past, “attracting attention through contrasts” is currently more important.


Heinrich Magirius was awarded the National Prize of the GDR 2nd class for art and literature in 1985.

On the occasion of his 60th birthday, Saxony's art-historical world honored him with the commemorative publication, Monument Studies and Monument Preservation - Knowledge and Work .

In 1995 Magirius received the Order of Merit 1st Class of the Federal Republic of Germany , and in 2004 he was awarded the Saxon Order of Merit.

In 2007 he received the Andreas Möller History Prize from the Foundation for Art and Culture (Kreissparkasse Freiberg), and in 2010 the Art Prize of the large district town of Radebeul .


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