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John Vasmer (* 1365, † 20th June 1430 in Bremen ) was from 1417 to 1428 councilor and 1422-1430 mayor in Bremen.


Vasmer probably came from a family from Melinghausen near Sulingen in the county of Hoya , who provided several pastors in the 16th century. In 1389 he took the citizenship oath in Bremen and in 1404 he was jury of the parish of St. Ansgarii . He was councilor from 1417 to 1428 and mayor of Bremen from 1422 to 1430.

After 1424/25, when Mayor Herbort Duckel and other councilors left Bremen and sued the emperor and the Hanseatic League for Bremen loans against the city, the Bremen council was reduced to 12 councilors and two mayors due to general dissatisfaction at the request of the citizens in 1426 . Vasmer was re-elected. In 1427 Bremen was excluded from the Hanseatic League until 1438 because of the lawsuit and the innovations and the imperial ban was imposed on the city.

In 1428 the majority in the council and in the citizenry passed a new city ​​law in Bremen . Vasmer did not agree with the changes and he left the city in May 1430 to join forces with the other old councilors who had already fled. In June 1430 the city of Bremen was able to capture him on a trip to Oldenburg near Rekum . The council sentenced him to death for high treason . The beheading took place on June 20 on the Mühlenberg in front of the Easter gate at the Paulskloster . Vasmer was then buried in the church of the monastery.

In the wake of the execution, supporters of Vasmer and members of the former council families allied themselves with surrounding powers. They managed to take the city and regain power. Vasmer was rehabilitated in 1435 on the basis of a complaint by his son at the Imperial Court. The changed city law was codified again.

The Vasmer Cross

Vasmer's family erected a sandstone atonement cross on the site of his execution in 1435 , the original of which is in the Bremen State Museum for Art and Cultural History ( Focke Museum ). The Vasmer Cross is on the road at Beim Steinernen Kreuz No. 10 and has been part of the monument group at Beim Steinernen Kreuz since 1973 . It is a large, free-standing cross with figure reliefs that are raised from indentations. The front and back were originally identical, but weathered to different degrees. You can see a crucified Christ with the evangelist symbols with banners at his feet and at the upper end of the cross. Below is a widening of the cross trunk with a figure of Johann Vasmer and his coat of arms with a crest. The cross was probably moved in the course of the development of the Ostertorviertel. The location of the cross was on the street Am Steinernen Kreuz 10 until 1976/77 , now there is a copy of the cross in connection with the original base. The hexagonal base plate bears the inscription: “In deme iare our Heren MCCCC on the XXX iare [i.e. 1430] of the dinxedages before Johannes Baptiste Johan Vassmer Borghermester was ghedoted here. Biddet god vor de sele. ”On his corpse stone was the inscription:“ Hier ligt de innocent Vassmer! ”In 1822 the organist of the Church of Our Lady was paid to“ visit the vasmer cross in the suburbs every year so that it could be preserved ”.

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The replica of the Vasmer Cross in the Ostertor sits on the original base, whereas the original cross in the Focke Museum is on a cast of this base.


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