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John Tillman Lamkin (born July 17, 1811 in Augusta , Georgia , † May 19, 1870 in Holmesville , Mississippi ) was an American lawyer and politician . He also served as an officer in the Confederate Army .


John Tillman Lamkin, son of Keziah Hart Snead and William Lamkin, was born in Richmond County about ten months before the outbreak of the British-American War . He attended public schools. He then studied law , was admitted to the Georgia bar in 1833, and then began practicing there. In subsequent years, he lived in Texas and New Orleans ( Louisiana ) before he went to Mississippi, where he received his license to practice law. 1838 He practiced there first in Marion County and then in Pike County , where he was elected District Attorney in 1841. After a four-year tenure, he opened his own law firm. In 1847 he served a tenure as the district attorney in Hancock County . Lamkin was a unionist, but was pledged to his state. During the Civil War, he recruited more than 70 men in April 1862 to sign up for the Holmesville Guards , which became Company E in the 33rd  Mississippi Infantry Regiment . He served as their captain until his resignation on September 9, 1863, which happened for health reasons. In November 1863 he was elected to the Second Confederate Congress, where he served from May 2, 1864 to March 18, 1865. During this time he sat on three committees: Committee on Commerce, Committee on Patents and Committee on Post Offices and Post Roads. After the end of the war he probably resumed his work as a lawyer. Lamkin died in Holmesville in 1870. He was first buried in an unknown location and later reburied in Woodlawn Cemetery in Summit, Pike County.


On November 14, 1835, he married Thurza Ann Kilgore (1819–1887). The Pike County 1850 census records list the following children: William J., aged 6, Frances A., aged 5, Charles A., aged 3, and James C., aged 1. According to the Pike County 1860 census records, they had daughter C. Augusta aged 9 years and son John R. aged 5 months. The Pike County 1870 census records still list son John A. at 6 months of age. Two daughters should be mentioned at this point who died in childhood: Mary Eliza (1852-1853) and Thurza Lavinia (1854-1856).


Individual evidence

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