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Jonny Buchardt , actually Herbert Günther Schlichting , (born September 16, 1925 in what is now Wuppertal , † October 8, 2001 in Bensberg ) was a German actor , comedian and master of the ceremony .


Buchardt was the son of Claire Schlichting , a well-known German comedian at the time, and Herbert Schlichting, his half-sister is the actress Monika Hansen . He was an uncle of the actors Ben Becker and Meret Becker . Called Jonny by his parents , he took the name Buchardt as his artist surname . This was the family name of the partner of the mother of Claire Schlichting's second husband. Buchardt performed under this name with his stepfather, the dancer Erik Hansen.

Jonny Buchardt was a noted figure at the Cologne Carnival .

Gin number

His most famous sketch - the gin number - was that of an advertising spokesman for the drink Gordons Dry Gin . This sketch showed a very formal and smooth moderator who introduced Gordon's schnapps and praised its general wholesomeness with "... is soooo gentle". However, this alleged gentleness could not be maintained over several commercial breaks, and thus the commercial spokesman was losing control of his body and his pronunciation.

1973: "old comrades"

In 2013 - a few years after his death - a 40-year-old performance by Buchardt at the Cologne Carnival, which was shown by WDR in the Alaaf & Helau cut , received unusual attention . In doing so, the conférencier enticed part of the 1973 audience to answer his announcement “Sieg!” With “ Heil! ” As a matter of course . "To answer after he said," Zicke zag zicke zag! - Hoi hoi hoi! "Or" Hipp, hipp - Hurray! “Had led to it. Buchardt responded with a shocked gesture and the exclamation: “That can't be true, man! What? So many old comrades here tonight ?! "

In addition to articles in newspapers such as the daily newspaper and lively discussions in various forums about Buchardt's performance, excerpts uploaded to video portals received a high number of views and international attention.

Private life

Jonny Buchardt was married to the German actress Barbara Schöne for several years and has a son from this marriage. Most recently he was married to Blanka Schlichting (née Jakob) until his death in 2001.

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  • Have a laugh with Jonny Buchardt , LP, (P) 1973 EMI-Electrola / COLUMBIA, STEREO 1C 062-29 496

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