And in the evening in the Scala

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Original title And in the evening in the Scala
And in the evening in the Scala.jpg
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 1957
length 99 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Erik Ode
script Robert A. Stemmle ,
Curth Flatow , based
on a story by
Maria Matray ,
Answald Krüger
production Artur Brauner ,
Horst Wendlandt
for CCC-Film
music Heinz Gietz
camera Friedl Behn-Grund
cut Jutta Hering

And in the evening in the Scala is a German music film by Erik Ode from 1957.


The scandal magazine The Naked Truth currently has only one goal: to get a photo of the famous singer Gloria del Castro. Everyone knows her records, but nobody her face and her manager Spadolini keeps her secret: del Castro is actually Yvette de Motestant, wife of the incumbent family minister, who is supposed to know nothing about her singing successes. However, when Yvette learns that her husband is cheating, she files for divorce and wants to present herself to the public. Overjoyed, Spadolini signed a lucrative contract with Scala in Berlin - shortly afterwards, the family peace was restored to the Motestant family and Yvette refused to take the stage. A replacement is needed and is quickly found in the Parisian variety artist Caterina. In the show, she and her brothers also offer an imitation of Gloria del Castro and she is satisfied with her “replacement”. But Caterina doesn't know that she is being booked as Gloria.

Since nobody knows the real face of Gloria del Castro, Caterina is welcomed as a star at La Scala. Since she can also dance very well, the young director Robert Mertens is also enthusiastic about her. Caterina learns by chance that everyone thinks she is Gloria del Castro and wants to break off her engagement immediately because she is not a con man. Only when Spadolini is persuaded she can stay in Berlin .

Rehearsals for the big show follow. Caterina and Robert fall in love. When Caterina's brothers Silvio and Nico come to Berlin because they couldn't find Caterina's name in the show announcements and now believe that Spadolini had tricked her sister, Robert sees Caterina with one of her brothers. Another drives her to work the next day and when a newspaper also reports that Gloria del Castro is actually married to the family minister, Robert believes he has finally been cheated. He treats Caterina badly at the rehearsal, so that she leaves with her brothers shortly before the premiere of her show and performs as a trio in small clubs. Spadolini, his lover Trudchen and Robert manage to find the trio that is performing a clown act on stage. Robert recognizes Caterina in a clown costume and pretends to think she is a man. He tells her about his love for Caterina and the baseless jealousy and hires the "clown trio" to replace the unusual star Gloria del Castro.

Caterina appears to the show because she now knows that Robert loves her. He in turn wants to force her to voluntarily reveal her true identity, which he learned from Spadolini and Trudchen, and puts the clown performance right before her performance as Gloria del Castro. Caterina manages to complete both appearances by using the stage-loving Trudchen as a double . In her role as Gloria del Castro, she finally reveals her true identity to the audience, which also includes Yvette and Pierre de Motestant. The audience accepts her as Caterina Duval and Robert also reveals to her that he has known about her identity for a long time and loves her even without a famous name.


Production notes

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Caterina Valente sings her big hit game again for me, Habanero , in And in the evening in the Scala . Other titles she sang in the film are A Night on the Rio Grande , With you everything is different and music is in the air .

In addition to Caterina Valente, Silvio Francesco , Richard Allan , the Lucas Trio , the Comedien Quartet, the Esquires, the Moonlights and the Tiller Ballet from London sing and dance in the film . The orchestras Kurt Edelhagen , Adalbert Luczkowsky and the RIAS dance orchestra play . The film also features the Steenbacks, the 4 Whirlwinds, the Carvey Trio and Bican's dogs.


The film premiered on February 22, 1958 in the Stuttgart Universum .


The lexicon of international films saw in And in the evening in the Scala "halfway delightful song and dance numbers that give Caterina Valente the opportunity to show off her all-round talent, framed by a cumbersome love story according to scheme F."

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