Josef Ludwig von Weber

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Josef Ludwig von Weber (also Josef Ludwig Weber ; born January 21, 1750 in Schwyz , † September 27, 1835 ibid) was a Swiss politician .


Weber was the son of the Schwyz Landammann and Chancellor of the Einsiedeln Monastery, Felix Ludwig von Weber, and came from the Schwyz rural family Weber . His training is unknown. As usual for members of the family, he took on various public offices. From 1776 to 1778, he was proconsul in Gaster and 1780-1782 the Bailiwick Rhine Valley . He was then provincial governor from 1783 to 1785, and then from 1785 to 1787 Schwyzer Landammann . In 1792 he was an envoy in Aargau and Basel .

In the turmoil of 1798, Weber was seconded to Paris as the Schwyz envoy . However, he was stopped by General Balthasar Alexis Henri Antoine von Schauenburg in Bern and returned to Schwyz, where he became President of the Cantonal Court in 1799 . In 1799 he was imprisoned at the Aarburg fortress intended for state prisoners, but was able to escape and returned to Schwyz in 1800. There, in 1803, became a member of the Schwyz Cantonal Council .

Weber's file is now in the Weber family archive in the Bern State Archives.


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