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Sweetbreads, raw
Baked sweetbreads

Sweetbread , calf milk , Kalbssog Swiss Milke , Midder or Schweser is linguistically kitchen of the thymus of the calf called. In adult animals, the organ used to develop the immune system recedes. The almost white tissue, which sits in the front area of ​​the chest and weighs around 250 to 300 grams, is one of the most valued offal because of its delicacy and delicate taste .

Sweetbreads have a brain- like structure, but are somewhat firmer, and are rich in potassium , vitamin C and purines .

In preparation, the sweetbreads are soaked in water, scalded with hot water and removed from skin, cartilage and bloody areas. Then let it cool down under slight pressure (for example by using a weighted kitchen board), which prevents it from contracting later. It is also customary to let the sweetbreads steep in salt water for about 20 minutes over low heat before further processing.

Veal sweetbreads can be prepared in many ways: Depending on the recipe, it is boiled, steamed , braised , fried in slices , grilled or baked . It is also part of classic ragouts such as ragout fin .

Since sweetbreads contain a lot of purine (500–600 mg per 100 g, corresponds to 1200–1500 mg uric acid ), it should be avoided in hyperuricemia and gout as part of a high-carbohydrate diet.

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