Ragout Fin

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Ragout fin (gratinated)

Ragout fin [ ʁaɡuˈfɛ̃ ] (from French ragoût fin , "fine ragout") is a ragout of the classic German, especially Berlin cuisine, usually served as a starter, made from white meat and offal in a white sauce.


Cooked ragout fin from veal , sweetbreads , -hirn , -zunge and -rückenmark and chicken breast, depending on the recipe and fish , all in light vinegar and water cooked or steamed gently in butter and cut into small cubes.

The second ingredient is a white sauce made from light roux , broth , white wine , anchovies , lemon juice , cream and steamed mushrooms , which is alloyed with egg yolk .

The cubes and sauce are mixed together, heated in a water bath and then baked in the shells of scallops , portion bowls or vol-au-vents ( puff pastry forms ) with breadcrumbs , cheese and butter. Ragout fin is seasoned with Worcestershire sauce and lemon juice, depending on your taste .

The ragout fin, which is offered in tinned food today, usually does not contain any offal, but only poultry and veal or poultry and veal products (meat meat).

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