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Studio Koei
Publisher Electronic Arts
platform PlayStation 2
genre Real-time strategy
Game mode Single player
control PlayStation2 Dualshock2 controller
system advantages
Sony PlayStation2
medium PlayStation 2 DVD-ROM
language German
Age rating
USK released from 12
PEGI recommended for ages 12+
information Historical strategy game in feudal Japan

The video game Kessen ( Japanese決 戦 = decisive battle) was published in October 2000 as one of the launch titles for the PlayStation 2 . It is the first DVD-ROM game to be released for the PlayStation 2. In Japan alone, the developer Koei was able to sell more than 370,000 units in the first three months after publication. Kessen was one of the four best-selling PlayStation 2 games in Japan at the SCE PlayStation Awards 2000. Koei has published two more games in the series so far: Kessen II (2001) and Kessen III (2005).

Game description

The real-time strategy game is set in the end times of the Sengoku period . It covers the final conflict between the eastern Tokugawa clan and the western Ishida clan, which ended with the Battle of Sekigahara . The player can slip into the role of Tokugawa Ieyasu or Ishida Mitsunari . For the eastern clan, the game sticks to the story fairly accurately, while for the western faction what-if? -Scenarios correspond.

The game impresses more with its graphic brilliance than with its tactical depth. There are different branches of arms that have different strengths and weaknesses. An important point is the commanders of the armies , because their behavior on the battlefield directly affects the performance of the army.


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