Kiss (film)

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Original title Kiss
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1963
length 50 minutes
Director Andy Warhol
production Andy Warhol

Kiss is a Underground - experimental film by Andy Warhol . It was shot in 16mm format in Warhol's studio The Factory in August and November / December 1963 . The premiere of the first film roles took place in September 1963 at the Gramercy Arts Theater (138 West 27th Street, Manhattan ). A four-minute excerpt (along with abstracts of Haircut , Eat and Sleep ) of a composition by La Monte Young was shown at the New York Film Festival in September 1964.


The black and white - silent film into a length of 50 minutes to several couples who kiss. Actors include Naomi Levine , Ed Sanders , Gerard Malanga , Baby Jane Holzer , Freddie Herko , Robert Indiana and Marisol . They are shown from different distances and in alternating pairings. The sex or sexual orientation ( heterosexual or homosexual ) of the kissing party does not matter.


The historical significance of the film consists, on the one hand, of its aesthetic appeal, to watch the "plot" through close-ups, close-ups, in hard black and white contrasts and in different grains . With his portrayal of men kissing, it is an early document of Warhol's sexual liberality and at the same time an emancipatory parody of the commercial Hollywood films of that time, the climax of which, as is well known, was the final happy ending documented by the deep kiss .


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