Klaus-Dietrich Flade

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Klaus-Dietrich Flade
Klaus-Dietrich Flade
Country: Germany
Organization: DLR
selected on October 8, 1990
Calls: 1 space flight
Begin: March 17, 1992
Landing: March 25, 1992
Time in space: 7d 21h 57min
retired on March 1992
Space flights

Klaus-Dietrich Flade (born August 23, 1952 in Büdesheim , Rhineland-Palatinate ) is a German test pilot and former astronaut .

After graduating from high school in 1974, he joined the Bundeswehr and trained as an aircraft mechanic . From 1975 he attended the Air Force officers' school in Neubiberg. He also got a pilot's license . In 1976 he began studying aerospace engineering at the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Munich , which he completed in 1980 as a graduate engineer. Then he was used as a pilot on Starfighter and Tornado . In 1988/89 he completed test pilot training in Manching and at the Empire Test Pilots' School in Boscombe Down. As an officer in the Air Force, Flade achieved the rank of lieutenant colonel .

He had been a member of the German astronaut team since 1990 and was a research cosmonaut member of the Mir-92 mission from March 17 to 25, 1992 . In 1991 he was one of 61 European candidates in the 1991 ESA selection (one of five German candidates) and was on a list of 25 applicants, but was not selected at the time. He is currently working as a test pilot for Airbus in Toulouse ( France ), where he is also responsible for operations management.

Klaus-Dietrich Flade is married and has two children.

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