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Klaus Brasch (born February 23, 1950 in Berlin ; † February 3, 1980 ) was a German actor .


Klaus Brasch was a son of the former Deputy Minister of Culture of the GDR Horst Brasch . His siblings were the writer Thomas Brasch , Peter Brasch and the radio presenter Marion Brasch . In 1973 Klaus Brasch finished drama school in Berlin. This was followed by theater engagements in Neustrelitz, Schwerin and Berlin. He was a guest of the Volksbühne Berlin ensemble , played in DEFA and GDR television films and was considered a talented young actor. He died shortly before his 30th birthday on February 3, 1980 from a cocktail of alcohol and painkillers.

According to a newspaper report from 2007, the former unofficial employee (IM) Anetta Kahane is said to have described the brothers Thomas and Klaus Brasch as "enemies of the GDR" in a report for the GDR State Security in 1976. After evaluating Kahane's Stasi files, the historian Hubertus Knabe confirmed this newspaper report. In 1976, Kahane wrote to her MfS superior: “The enemies of the GDR are primarily Klaus Brasch and Thomas Brasch.” The files do not confirm that Klaus Brasch had committed suicide because of Kahane's denunciation.




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