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Kochmettwurst is a sausage start. As a variant of the cooked sausage, it is one of the cooked sausages .

There are a large number of variants within the Wurstart. A common property is the low cut resistance when heated, as the consistency when cooled is mainly the result of coagulated animal protein and the fat it contains. Typical ingredients are pork and beef with high levels of connective tissue , adipose tissue and tendons . There are also various nutrients such as grits and semolina or potatoes . The recipes are complemented by the addition of offal such as tongue , brain and liver

A distinction is made between the following types of sausage:

Regional use

In Germany, different types and types of sausage are regionally known as cooked sausage. Well-known examples are:

  • Bremer Kochmettwurst :
- classic: a warm smoked raw sausage made from beef and pork
  • Hamburger cooked sausage
- classic: a warm smoked raw pork sausage
- According to the new public opinion: a name for meat sausage
- a boiled pork sausage and cold meat base meat
  • Hannoversche Kochmettwurst
- a braised pork sausage in artificial casings
- Variant: Göttinger Weisswurst in smaller beef casings
  • North German cooked sausage
- a boiled sausage made from pork and roast beef
  • Westphalian cooked sausage
- General synonym for cooked sausage as warm smoked raw sausage made from beef, pork and bacon

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