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Coal ( old high German kol ) stands for:

  • Coal , fossil fuel
  • Charcoal , fuel produced by charring wood
  • Animal charcoal , activated charcoal produced by charring animal blood and bones (blood charcoal, bone charcoal)
  • Biochar (also biochar), coal produced by pyrolytic carbonization of purely vegetable raw materials
  • Activated charcoal , medicinal charcoal
  • Sugar coal, carbonization of sugar in the presence of potassium carbonate - potassium silicate and subsequent extraction with hydrochloric acid
  • Charcoal , charred wooden sticks and pressed charcoal powder
  • Carbon brush , current-carrying component in motors and generators
  • Slang term for money
  • Nickname of Kristian Kohlmannslehner (* 1978), German musician and producer

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