Konstantina Vassiliou-Enz

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Konstantina Vassiliou-Enz

Konstantina (Tina) Vassiliou-Enz (born April 6, 1968 in Athens ) is a German-Greek radio presenter .

Life and work

When she was five, Vassiliou-Enz came to Germany from Greece with her family. After breaking off the Abitur and two unfinished training courses, she began a traineeship at Radio Kö in Augsburg . From 1989 to 1995 she worked as an editor and presenter at Radio 7 in Ulm . In 1993 she founded the non-commercial youth channel Free FM there , which she built up until 1995. Then she was a presenter at rbb youth radio Fritz until 2006 . There she moderated the programs Bollmann , Der Ohrzeuge and with Tommy Wosch dasGerman-German Citizens' Telephone and the Blue Moon . In February 2000 she had a son and after the baby break decided to realize moderation projects on her own. On April 28, 2006 she moderated for the last time at Fritz (“The Blue Moon of Good Questions”). She is currently the managing director of the New German Media Makers and works with the NGO for more diversity in journalism.

Since August 2006, Vassiliou-Enz, like many former Fritz presenters, has been on radioeins in the programs radioeins - Der Tag , radioeins in the morning and radioeins in the afternoon . At the weekend, she sometimes moderates The beautiful morning . For Radio Multikulti , she portrayed four people who are more successful than their German colleagues because of their origins. The contribution to an undertaker of Turkish origin was awarded the Civis media prize for integration in the category “Integration in business and industry”.

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