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Corridor in a school
A U-shaped corridor opens up the offices in an administration building

In architecture, a corridor ( from Italian corridoio = walkway ) is an elongated space inside a building . It serves the horizontal development of adjacent rooms. It is mainly located in public buildings (schools, offices, etc.). The terms corridor and hallway are used synonymously.


  • The hallway, or hallway for short, is structurally the same as a corridor, but this term more precisely describes the space between the entrance door and the internal staircase or other rooms in residential buildings . The term hallway is also used for entrance halls (foyer) .
  • A gallery can serve as a corridor as a connecting corridor. It is characterized by the fact that it has numerous windows or arched openings on at least one long side. In contrast to this, a corridor can also be completely inside the building.
  • Linear connecting spaces that are located on the outer walls of a building and open to the outside are called arcades .


In ancient Greek and Roman architecture, the interiors of residential buildings were primarily accessed via central rooms such as the peristyle (Greek) or the atrium (Roman), with short connecting corridors such as the fauces being common. Porticos gave access to individual rooms on the outside of the building. Pliny the Younger also describes long, closed corridors inside mansions, which he calls the cryptoporticus .

In modern architecture, the corridor was first created as an independent type of room in the Baroque period as a supplement to the suite of rooms ( enfilade ) in palace architecture. Before that, connecting corridors in the form of galleries are common, one side of which is adjacent to an outside wall.

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