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The development of a building is generally understood to mean access routes, entrance areas ( entrée ), components and rooms through which users can reach individual units such as apartments or offices in a horizontal or vertical direction . Supply and disposal routes for deliveries, waste disposal, etc. are also referred to as development.

Horizontal and vertical development

Moving walks and galleries in an atrium
Staircase and arcades on the outside of a rental building

The elements of building access can be grouped into horizontal and vertical elements. Horizontal elements enable all rooms to be reached on one level, vertical elements allow access to all floors . In order to ensure optimal overall traffic in a building, the horizontal and vertical access routes are linked as closely as possible.

Elements of horizontal development:

Elements of vertical development:

Ladders , which are mostly only used for vertical access in non-public areas of buildings, as well as sliding poles in fire stations, which enable a quick change of storey level from top to bottom, can be cited as special forms . The moving walkway can be used depending on the design, either the horizontal or the vertical access.


In residential construction, a distinction is made between different types of horizontal access: single, double, triple and multi-span, depending on the number of usage units that are accessed per floor. In the following examples, access is via a stair landing .

office building

Development concepts for office buildings :


Development is one of the most essential elements of building planning. The functionality and thus the quality of a building depends particularly on its development. A wide variety of parameters must be taken into account when planning, including:

Since the access routes are usually also used for evacuation in the event of a fire, numerous planning and building regulations must be observed, from the building code , the state building regulations , the DIN standards and other implementation regulations.

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