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In art studies, genus is the name given to the forms of art related to the artistic medium of expression .

Basic genres of art related to the medium of expression are the visual arts , performing arts , music and literature .

Type, genre, style and era

Style refers to the formal language, epoch to the spatial-temporal allocation, genre to the thematic-motivic content, and genre to the medium of expression of art.

Division of art into genres

The basic genres are divided into further sub-genres and a number of small forms that have found their own medium, for example watercolor , sculpture and graphic art in the fine arts, dance in the performing arts, chamber music and song of music, poetry in literature.

Under genera belonging partially several genres, such as drama performing arts and literature, dance performing arts and music, while the opera despite theatrical aspects, and the song is performed despite poetic aspects primarily with music, and there in particular a musical form is . The music stands partly alongside the performing arts, partly in them.

Problems of the generic term

Like many generic terms, those of the arts are only rough sorts and have to adapt to new developments:

  • For example, photography (from the early 19th century) is still part of the visual arts, but film , which has a lot in common with the visual, work-oriented arts, is assigned to the performing arts.
  • Since the middle of the 20th century, the classic genre has begun to dissolve; forms such as happenings , fluxus or performance cannot be clearly assigned to a genre. With the emergence of "computer art " ( new media ), the generic term media art , which was previously poorly specified , was created to capture the rapid and innovative development. This includes media continuations of all classic genres and further developments such as video art and computer art, as well as media art forms that developed independently on the basis of digital technology, such as digital art .
  • In terms of ethnic art and cultural style , the distinction between genre and genre proves to be inadequate in many areas.

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