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A sanatorium is a house or an organization that offers medical cures . The spa houses have very different sizes and are usually located in bathing or health resorts , occasionally as climatic health resorts in the mountains .

View of the spa houses of the health park in Bad Gottleuba . Around the Kurmittelhaus (left) are grouped in a 28-hectare park with over 30 other spa facilities, which are now grouped into five specialist clinics.

Health resorts such as thermal , sulfur or mineral baths have their special medical advantages for different organs or diseases , which means that the offers of the health resorts and their applications differ.

Often they have their own spa facility or at least a spa area (baths wing, spa area, drinking hall, etc.), in which, apart from the latter, absolute quiet is desired.

Typical spa treatments and treatments are - usually after the initial examination or discussion with the spa doctor :

In Germany, the term cure in the Social Security Code has been largely replaced by the term medical rehabilitation since 2001 . The social law foundations of rehabilitation can mainly be found in SGB ​​IX . With the exception of the follow-up and consolidation cures according to Section 31, Paragraph 1, Clause 2 of SGB ​​VI , the statutory social insurance has not covered any costs for cures since 2001.

On average, a cure for self-payers in Germany costs around 50 to 200 euros per day.

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