Lambert von Neuwerk

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Lambert von Neuwerk († February 9, 1144 ) is a saint of the Catholic Church . His feast day is February 9th.

Lambert had four brothers, including Bishop Bernhard I of Hildesheim . Initially he was a cathedral canon in Cologne , on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land he was persuaded in Passau by Bishop Udalrich II to give up the "useless journey" and instead serve as the Augustinian canon in the Reichersberg monastery . When the canons, at the suggestion of Archbishop Konrad von Abensberg, settled the Neuwerk monastery, founded in 1116, in Halle an der Saale , Lambert succeeded Provost Berewigus von Redenbroch there. Since Berewigus had not yet received the official appointment by the archbishop when he died in 1118, Lambert is often named as the first provost of Neuwerk. Lambert was the pen nearly 26 years ago and died on February 9, 1144. He was buried in the monastery, at his grave it is to 1153 to a miracle cure of the judicial duel seriously injured Earl had married Henry of Bodenburg, the Lamberts niece Eveza, have come. When some students at the convent school were in danger of drowning, a request that Lambert stand up for them with God is said to have saved their lives. He was later canonized as Lambert von Neuwerk.

The text of his biography written after 1167 , the "Vita Lamberti praepositi monasterii Novi Operis prope Hallam Saxonicam", has been preserved to this day, but the original manuscript has been lost.


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