Lamento (film)

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Original title Lament
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 2007
length 92 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director René Sydow
Daniel Hedfeld
script René Sydow
Daniel Hedfeld
production Ulrike Lettermann
Ruben Silberling
camera Daniel Hedfeld
cut René Sydow
Daniel Hedfeld

Lamento is a German feature film from 2007 , based on an original screenplay by René Sydow and Daniel Hedfeld . The film was directed by René Sydow and Daniel Hedfeld and produced by Ulrike Lettermann and Ruben Silberling.


The disappearance of the young Eva plunges an entire village community into disaster. The Catholic priest Simon Bress suddenly stands before the ruins of his faith. Thomas Reitz, local police officer and father of the victim, comes to the brink of resilience when he investigates his daughter on his own. The relationship with his wife Christiane breaks down due to the lack of a daughter, whose existence alone has kept the fragile family structure together. The pastor, like his brother Christoph and his niece Katharina, becomes more and more entangled in a crime in whose vortex of guilt and violence two families threaten to drown ...

The context

Socially and critically, this drama illuminates the human abyss. LAMENTO questions blind devotion and obedience. A small community that has created a set of rules based on supposed values ​​and norms from religion and an apparent ethic breaks down on this and is symbolic of a contemporary society that largely identifies itself through double standards and hypocrisy.


The film LAMENTO is based on an idea by Daniel Hedfeld and René Sydow. LAMENTO was produced by Ulrike Lettermann (Greedy Me Productions) and Ruben Silberling (BigBearFilm). Together with the production managers Verena Stiller and Viola Tellmann and the production managers Philipp Wittmann and Reza Samiei, they submitted the film as a thesis for their studies and received top marks.


Year 2007:

18th International Film Festival Emden / Norderney: Nomination for the NDR Young Talent Award

1. Hachenburger Filmfest: nomination for the young talent award "The Young Lion"

Year 2008 & 2009:

Newport International Film Festival 2008

Sneak previews and regular cinema screenings in Germany

Year 2010

November 18th: Release on DVD on the Renaissance Medien label, Berlin, in the series "New German Films"

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