Luxembourg District Court

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The District Court of Luxembourg was during the German occupation from 1940 to 1944, a German regional court based in Luxembourg .


In the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg there were two district courts (District Court of Luxembourg and District Court of Diekirch), including 12 courts of justice . With the German occupation of Luxembourg in 1940, the district courts were converted into regional courts and the peace courts into local courts. In 1940 the two regional courts were merged in the Luxembourg regional court and the Diekirch regional court dissolved. A senate with the function of a higher regional court was established at the Luxembourg Regional Court . The planned integration of the Luxembourg court organization into that of the empire did not take place.

In October 1944 the German troops evacuated Luxembourg. The old judicial organization was restored.

District Court Canton
District Court Capellen Canton of Capellen
District court Esch an der Alzette Canton of Esch an der Alzette
Luxembourg District Court Canton of Luxembourg
District court Mersch Canton of Mersch
District Court of Clervaux Canton of Clervaux
District court Diekirch Canton Diekirch
Redingen district court Canton of Redingen
District court Vianden Canton of Vianden
District court Wiltz Canton of Wiltz
District court Echternach Canton of Echternach
Grevenmacher District Court Canton of Grevenmacher
District court Remich Canton of Remich


The president of the court was Müller from 1941 to 1944.


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