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Leopold Kober (born September 21, 1883 in Pfaffstätten ; † September 6, 1970 in Hallstatt ) was an Austrian geologist and from 1923 to 1954 university professor at the University of Vienna .

Kober grew up in Baden (Lower Austria) and did his Matura there . He received his doctorate in geology in 1908 under Viktor Uhlig at the University of Vienna . In addition to field studies in the Alps, he was also in Northern Arabia and the Taurus Mountains . In 1913 he completed his habilitation with Eduard Suess . During the First World War he was a Russian prisoner of war in Kazan and Tashkent for four years, which he used for geological studies. In 1923 he became an associate professorand in 1937, as successor to Suess, full professor at the University of Vienna. In the 1920s he traveled to the Mediterranean chain mountains for field studies in his own car . After the Second World War he rebuilt the Geological Institute and retired in 1954.

Kober was a well-known researcher on the structure of the Alps and the theory of the ceiling and attributed the mountain formation - according to a theory that was widespread at the time - to the contraction of the earth. He wrote 15 textbooks with which he shaped the next generations of geologists, and over 100 geoscientific articles.

In 1925 he received the Grand Prix Cuvier of the French Academy of Sciences , in 1953 the Medal of Honor of the City of Vienna , in 1958 the Eduard Suess commemorative coin and the Körner Medal for Sciences . In 1954 he became a member of the Geological Society of London .


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