List of Japanese massacres in China

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This is a list of Japanese massacres in China committed by the Imperial Japanese Army during the First and Second Sino-Japanese Wars . Many of them are related to the jinmetsu (sōtō) sakusen ( Japanese燼 滅 (掃 討) 作 戦 , literally: "(cleansing) operation cremation and extermination") - China's policy of triple extinction ( Chinese 三光 政策 , Pinyin sānguāng zhèngcè , English Three Alls Policy  - "burn down, slaughter and plunder everything", Japanese sankō sakusen ) - the Japanese armed forces in the Second Sino-Japanese War .  

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German name Chinese name place time
Port Arthur Massacre (China) Lüshunkou can'an 旅顺 口 惨案 Port Arthur today Lüshunkou from Nov. 21, 1894
Pingdingshan Massacre Pingdingshan can'an 平顶山 惨案 Pingdingshan Village , Fushun , Liaoning 16 Sep 1932
Zhenjiang Massacre Zhenjiang tucheng can'an 镇江 屠城 惨案 Zhenjiang , Late November to early December 1937
Nanking massacre Nanjing datusha 南京 大 屠杀 Nanjing December 13, 1937 to the end of February 1938
Panjiayu Massacre Panjiayu can'an 潘 家峪 惨案 Panjiayu , Fengrun , Hebei Jan. 25, 1941
Panjiadaizhuang Massacre Panjiadaizhuang can'an 潘家 戴 庄 惨案 Panjiadaizhuang , Beiluan , Hebei May 12, 1942
Zhejiang and Jiangxi cleanup Zhejiang dasaodang 浙江 大 扫荡 Zhejiang , Jiangxi May to September 1942
Changjiao Massacre Changjiao can'an 厂 窖 惨案 Changjiao , Hunan May 9-12, 1943
Pingyang Massacre Pingyang can'an 平阳 惨案 Pingyang , Huping , Hebei 22 Sep 1943

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