List of New Zealand fighter pilots in World War II

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In the list of New Zealand fighter pilot in World War II are New Zealand fighter pilots listed that 1,939 to 1,945 permanent World War II in the Royal Air Force and Royal New Zealand Air Force at least ten kills (RNZAF) had achieved.


The table contains the New Zealand aviators with ten confirmed kills

  • Surname
  • Rank
  • Number of confirmed aerial victories
  • Awards
  • unit
  • Date of death (†)

Note: The list can be sorted : By clicking on a column header, the list is sorted according to this column, clicking twice reverses the sorting.

Surname image rank L. Award Unit / Squadron No.
Colin Falkland Gray Colin Gray.jpg Group captain 27 DSO , DFC 616 Sq 08/01/1995
Alan Christopher Deere Alan Deere by Cuthbert Orde.jpg Wing Commander 22.5 DSO, DFC, CdG 611 Sq 09/12/1995
Bill Crawford-Compton Wing Commander WV Crawford-Compton.jpg Air vice-marshal 21.5 DSO, DFC, OtB 64 Sq 2.01.1988
Raymond Hesselyn Squadron Leader 21st DFC 41 Sq 11/14/1963
Evan Mackie Royal Air Force- Italy, the Balkans and South-east Europe, 1942-1945.  CNA2314.jpg Wing Commander 21st DSO, DFC 243 Sq 04/28/1986
Edgar James Cain Carbury Flying officer 15th RFC unit June 7, 1940
John Milne Checketts CH 011675.jpg Wing Commander 14th DSO, DFC 485 RNZAF 04/21/2006
John Donald Rae Flight Lieutenant 13 DFC 485 Sq 12/19/2007
Edward Preston Wells Group captain 13 DFC 485 Sq November 4, 2005
Wilfrid Greville Clouston Wing Commander 12 DFC 488 Sq May 24, 1980
Warren Edward Schrader Wing Commander 12 DFC 616 Sq February 6, 2009
Victor Bosanquet Strachan Verity Squadron Leader 11 DFC 615 Sq 02.02.1979
Geoffrey Fisken Flying officer 11 DFC 14 RNZAF 06/12/2011
John Albert Gibson Squadron Leader 11 DSO, DFC 15 RNZAF 1.07.2000
George Edmond Jameson Flight Lieutenant 11 DSO, DFC 488 Sq May 21, 1988
Derrick Fitzgerald Westenra Squadron Leader 11 DFC 112 Sq 08/17/1999
Gray Stenborg Flight Lieutenant 10 DFC 91 Sq 09/24/1943
Patrick Jameson Air Commodore 10 DSO, DFC 266 Sq October 1, 1996
Ernest Leslie Joyce Squadron Leader 10 DFC 122 Sq 06/17/1944
Irving Stanley Smith Wing Commander 10 DFC 487 Sq 02/16/2000

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