Ludolf von Kroppenstedt

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Ludolf von Kroppenstedt

Ludolf von Kroppenstedt (* possibly in Kroppenstedt ; † August 17, 1205 ) was Archbishop of Magdeburg from 1192 to 1205 .


The origin of Ludolf is unknown. It is possible that he came from a farming family in Kroppenstedt. Ludolf was initially a collegiate student in Halberstadt and then studied, at times together with Thomas Becket , at the university in Paris .

Ludolf then became a cathedral scholar at the cathedral monastery of Magdeburg . On September 27, 1168 he was first mentioned as a canon . In 1179 Ludolf became provost of Sankt Wipert in Nienburg (Saale) . He held this office until 1187. On December 26, 1184 he was appointed cathedral dean in Magdeburg.

Ludolf repeatedly intervened in the disputes between Pope and Emperor in the Staufer-Welf throne dispute . So at the end of 1185 he belonged to the delegation of the German episcopate , which Pope Urban III. Presented complaints from Emperor Frederick I about the Curia .

Ludolf's coat of arms

In 1192 Ludolf succeeded Wichmann's Archbishop of Magdeburg. He continued the Hohenstaufen policy of his predecessor and supported Philip of Swabia in the election of the king in 1198 , whose interests he later emphatically represented. Ludolf thus became one of the leading representatives of the Staufer party in Saxony . However, he got into an opposition to the papal policy, which by Innocent III. has represented a friendly position towards the Guelphs since 1200/1201 . Ludolf was therefore banned several times.

In 1196, Margrave Otto II of Brandenburg and his brother Albrecht transferred their Ascanian property to Ludolf, which has since been regarded as a fiefdom given by the Archbishopric . In 1200 Ludolf founded the St. Peter and Paul Abbey in Sudenburg , a southern suburb of Magdeburg. Also in 1200 he, the Archbishop of Magdeburg, probably the first in the German Reich to donate a piece of land to the Teutonic Order: a hospital for poor and sick care in the western part of Halle ad Saale.

Archbishop Ludolf's bronze tombstone can still be seen on a southern pillar of the ambulatory in Magdeburg Cathedral to this day.

Ludolf von Kroppenstedt dies on August 17, 1205 and is laid to rest on August 20, 1205 in Magdeburg Cathedral.



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