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Lukas Bertagnolli (* 1978 in Bozen ) is an Italian journalist from South Tyrol .


Lukas Bertagnolli studied philosophy , journalism and film studies in Vienna and Berlin , wrote reviews for the daily newspaper Dolomiten , was editor in the media houses ff -Media, Athesia and ORF , as well as program developer at Servus TV . In 2013 he moved to Rai Südtirol , where he uncovered the case of Hans Kammerlander and brought the first wolf pack area in South Tyrol to the public.


In the polemic about the work of art First the Feet of Martin Kippenberger in the Museion of Bozen 2008, Bertagnolli argued in favor of the work of art and assessed its positioning by curator Corinne Diserens ambiguously. The analyzes met with approval from artistic circles.

“You see a frog nailed to the cross and associate: frog = Jesus. At this point the fearful agitators stop their reflection and insult the work of art as blasphemous. (...) A miserable frog prince hangs on the cross, who doesn't sacrifice himself for anyone and who may not be able to help a kiss of grace (...) a modern ego-martyr, and the beer and the egg are his attributes. "

In 2013, after researching Bertagnolli, he came to the conclusion that mountaineer Hans Kammerlander caused the serious traffic accident of November 26, 2013 near Uttenheim and not - as the media at home and abroad reported - René Eppacher who was killed. Kammerlanders manager Sigi Pircher tried to prevent the broadcast of the report in the Rai Tagesschau , which he succeeded in the late edition. Bertagnolli's research results sparked a wave of protests on social media. They were confirmed by the Bolzano public prosecutor's office in April 2014, and one year later by the Bolzano Regional Court.

In the dispute over the return of the wolves in 2018, Bertagnolli describes the wolf as the “beast of longing” of European integration . Alpine pastures should not give up on wolves' EU protection status, but rather look for their own strategies and receive more public money for more shepherds.   


  • Home Thoughts Home (Documentary, A 2000)
  • Plodn - Italy in autonomist turbulence (Rai Südtirol, 2017)
  • Blessed tomorrow: Josef Mayr Nusser (Rai Südtirol, 2017)
  • Solved / Unsolved - South Tyrol and the Lot of Trento (Rai Südtirol, 2017)
  • The first wolf pack (Rai Südtirol, 2018)


Literary Prize of the Südtiroler Sparkasse Foundation 2001

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