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Lutz Konermann (born May 5, 1958 in Bardenberg ) is a German director , author and cameraman of various cinema and television films.


Konermann spent his childhood in the Rhineland , but later attended the German School in Milan / Italy, where he also graduated from high school. He then completed the course in feature film and television plays at the University of Television and Film in Munich . He is a two-time Federal Film Prize winner in 1983 for the feature film “Aufdermauer” and the production of the short film “Spätvorstellung”. He also won the Max Ophüls Award in 1986, the “Film” award from the City of Munich in 1988, and the Adolf Grimme Award in 1997 for the television film “An almost perfect love”.

As a cameraman he drew a. a. Responsible for several diploma and debut films by directors of his generation, for example in Wochenend (1982) by Wolfram Paulus , Abschiedsbilder (1983) by Nico Hofmann , Kaltes Fieber (1984) by Josef Rusnak and Drachenfutter (1987) by Jan Schütte .

Since 1991 he has been a lecturer at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy , where he has been head of the “Scenic Film” diploma course since 1994. In 1998 he was awarded the title of professor. Since 1992 Lutz Konermann has been teaching in Switzerland on behalf of the FOCAL Foundation for Continuing Education in Film and Audiovision. a. as a dramaturge, material development programs for film and television. He is a board member of the Swiss Association for Film Directing and Screenwriting and a member of the German Film Academy and the Swiss Film Academy.

His most important films include a. Black and without sugar , An almost perfect love , Virus X , Heartless , My daughter must never know , Dear Brad , The elephant - murder never expires , Piff Paff Puff and Prague Embassy (2007).

In 2009 he completed two projects: the documentary Dharavi, Slum for Sale about Dharavi , the largest slum in India, which the city of Mumbai put up for sale, and the tragic comedy Der Wohlsorger or The Money of Others , freely based on the life story of the Swiss Investment fraudster Hanspeter Streit.

Since 2007 Konermann has again devoted himself to camera work and, in addition to his own documentary projects, has photographed the films of the Indian documentarist Farida Pacha. Her multiple award-winning documentary My Name Is Salt  (2013) earned him the German Camera Prize 2014, along with other awards .

Lutz Konermann has a daughter, the neuroscientist Silvana Konermann , and lives in Zurich / Switzerland.

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