Killer sharks attack

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German title Killer sharks attack
Original title Sharks' Treasure
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1975
length 93 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Cornel Wilde
script Cornel Wilde
production Cornel Wilde
music Robert O. Ragland
camera Jack Atcheler
cut Byron Brandt

Killer sharks attack (Original title: Sharks' Treasure ) is an American film from 1975 by Cornel Wilde . The film had its premiere on April 18, 1975. It was broadcast in Germany on July 1, 1976.


While diving off Honduras, the young adventurer Ron happens to find an ancient gold coin from Santa Elena, which sank 200 years ago, on the seabed. In the hope of more gold, he can win over the experienced captain Jim Carnahan for the treasure hunt. In addition, former navy divers Ben and Larry are hired to help. Shortly before departure, the restaurant owner Pablo Jim tries to persuade him to take some passengers on board. But Jim rejects this proposal. They finally set out to sea and after two weeks of searching they found the wreck again. However, the waters turn out to be shark-contaminated and in order to be able to dive for more coins, they must first get rid of the sharks.

When the treasure is finally recovered, a group of convicts who have escaped from prison, led by the criminal Lobo, causes trouble. The group, to which Pablo belongs, hijacks the ship, ties up the four treasure hunters and makes use of the supplies. They give up their actual plan to flee by ship when they discover the treasure they have found on board. Now they are forcing the four to do more dives to retrieve even more valuables. When Larry tries to get the pistol after a dive, he is killed by Ishi throwing a knife in the subsequent scuffle and then thrown overboard by Lobo. The criminal Juanito turns away from his cronies and the three treasure hunters can, with his help, overpower a criminal and leave the ship in a rubber dinghy. But the criminals go into pursuit and Lobo shoots Ben and injures Ben. On land there is finally a showdown. Lobo drowns in the surf while chasing Juanito, Pablo is shot by Jim and Kook is killed with a javelin by Ron. Ishi is left alive by Jim and flees. Eventually Ron, Jim and the injured Ben return to their ship and make plans for another treasure hunt.


“Despite the delightful underwater shots, a ridiculous adventure film,” said the lexicon of international films .

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