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Measure stands for:


  • Maß (Lauer) , also Maßbach , left tributary of the Lauer in Maßbach, Bad Kissingen district, Bavaria


  • Christoph Maß (also Christoph Mass, Maaß ; 1508 / 1509–1585), German doctor, astronomer, calendar maker , see Christoph Stathmion
  • Helene Maß (1871–1955), German landscape and flower painter, graphic artist, etcher and wood cutter
  • Josef Maß (1936–2006), German church historian and Roman Catholic clergyman
  • Konrad Maß (1867–1950), German politician and author
  • Richard Maß (1837–1917), German judge and parliamentarian
  • Willy Maß (1880–1947), German architect

Mass stands for:


MASS stands for:

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