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My Boy Lollypop
  DE 17th 08/12/1974 (16 weeks)

Maggie Mae (real life Andrea Yardich; * May 13, 1960 as Andrea Cosima Carle in Karlsruhe ; † August 30, 2021 in Melbourne , Florida , USA ) was a German pop singer and actress .


Maggie Mae grew up in the southern part of Karlsruhe and recorded her first record in 1974, I have fun with life . Then her German-language cover version of the Millie Small hit My Boy Lollipop was released . The title became a great success. It reached number 1 on the ZDF hit parade in October 1974 . Because of her funky appearance and her age, she was nicknamed "The Crazy Chicken".

In 1975, she took the totally crazy time on the German preliminary decision to Euro Vision Song Contest in part, reaching number 7. The following year it reached with the German preliminary decision with applause for a totally wild house Place 3. She also worked as an actress and worked among other things, in the television series Klimbim and Two Heavenly Daughters as well as in the crime thriller The Fall from the Roof .

More singles and some placements in the charts followed by the early 1980s . Then she met her first husband Robert Trammel and went to the USA with him. She ended her singing career and retired into private life. At times she worked as a nurse . Sporadically she returned to Germany to perform. In 1994 she was a guest at Music is in the Air . In 2001 she had another appearance on German television.

From the first marriage there are three daughters, from the second marriage to Mike Yardich there is a son. Maggie Mae lived under her real name Andrea Yardich in Melbourne , Florida, USA . She died on August 30, 2021 as a result of COVID-19 .



  • 1975: I'm on Fire


  • 1974: I enjoy life / summer time
  • 1974: My Boy Lollypop / Bubblegum Blues
  • 1975: Baby, Funtime ( Long Tall Sally ) / Mr. Charleston
  • 1975: The Totally Crazy Time / A Little Bit Ding - A Little Bit Dong
  • 1975: Sweet Beat Honey Sunny Boy / Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Honolulu Beach Bikini
  • 1975: I'm on Fire / Arthur Infernale
  • 1976: Sing My Song / Just a Little Boy
  • 1976: Applause for a totally crazy house / Sheriff Mayer
  • 1977: And his name was No / Then you are alone with him
  • 1977: And then one more thing: I love you / Saturday night at our house
  • 1978: This is my country / Because you do what you do
  • 1979: Come knock on the door tonight (I'm Gonna Knock on Your Door) / And the sun that shines
  • 1979: The very first time (to find out everything) / His name was Johnny
  • 1980: James Dean - Superstar / Where there is only time
  • 1981: Rock 'n' Roll Cowboy (Making Your Mind Up) / Jet Set
  • 1981: Suck it! [not for sale advertising single for the company Rachengold from Maggie Maes birthplace Karlsruhe]
  • 1982: And Santa Claus claims he's Elvis / I can't stand that in my head


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