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The married couple Johann and Maria Magdalena van Beethoven (assignment probably wrong)

Maria Magdalena van Beethoven (born December 19, 1746 in Ehrenbreitstein , † July 17, 1787 in Bonn ) was the mother of the composer Ludwig van Beethoven .


The Mother Beethoven House in Koblenz-Ehrenbreitstein

She was born as Maria Magdalena Keverich in Wambachgasse in Ehrenbreitstein, now a district of Koblenz . Her father Johann Heinrich Keverich (1701–1759) was the Oberhofkoch in the service of the Trier electors , who resided in Philippsburg Palace in Ehrenbreitstein. Her first marriage was to the electoral chamberlain Johann Leym, whom she married on January 30, 1763. Her husband died on November 28th, 1765 and so Maria Magdalena was a widow at the age of 18.

One of her cousins ​​married the court violinist Johann Konrad Rovantini and moved with him to Bonn, where he found a job at the electoral court orchestra. It is assumed that Maria Magdalena got to know Johann van Beethoven , who also worked at the court orchestra, through these family ties . Both married on November 12, 1767 in Bonn and had seven children together, but only three of them survived infancy. The later famous composer Ludwig was born as the second child. The other two children were called Kaspar Karl and Nikolaus Johann.

Her mother left a large fortune to Mary Magdalene, which she lost to fraud and embezzlement of a relative. Even a lawsuit in Ehrenbreitstein before the local lay judge could not bring her assets back. Maria Magdalena had an intimate relationship with her son Ludwig. Her early death prompted the 16-year-old Ludwig to write the following words in his letter to Joseph Wilhelm von Schaden in Augsburg on September 15, 1787:

“She was such a good, amiable mother to me, my best friend; O! Who was happier than me when I could still pronounce the cute name Mother, and it was heard, and who can I say it now? The mute images that resemble you, which my imagination puts together for me? "

Her grave is in the old cemetery in Bonn.


The marriage of Johann and Maria Magdalena van Beethoven had seven children:

  • Ludwig Maria van Beethoven ( baptized April 2, 1769; † April 8, 1769)
  • Ludwig van Beethoven (baptized December 17, 1770 in Bonn; † March 26, 1827 in Vienna )
  • Kaspar Anton Karl van Beethoven (baptized April 8, 1774; † November 15, 1815 in Alservorstadt )
  • Nikolaus Johann van Beethoven (baptized October 2, 1776; † January 12, 1848 in Wieden )
  • Anna Maria Franziska van Beethoven (baptized February 23, 1779 - † February 27, 1779)
  • Franz Georg van Beethoven (baptized January 17, 1781; † August 16, 1783)
  • Maria Margarete Josepha van Beethoven (baptized May 5, 1786 - November 26, 1787)

Mother Beethoven House

Her birthplace in Ehrenbreitstein has been a memorial since 1975. The house, furnished by the Deinhard Foundation, houses the largest private collection on the Keverich and Beethoven families.


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