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Martin Amanshauser (2009)

Martin Amanshauser (* 1968 in Salzburg ) is an Austrian author. He is the son of Gerhard Amanshauser (1928–2006).

life and work

Martin Amanshauser, born in Salzburg in 1968, lives in Vienna and Berlin. After studying history, Portuguese, Spanish and African studies at the University of Vienna , which he completed with a thesis on Al-Garb and Galicia, The ´ Reconquista ´ in Portugal (711-1147) in 1994, he received his doctorate in 2001 with a thesis on Taifas and Condados, the medieval city in the west of the Iberian Peninsula .

Amanshauser works as a writer, journalist and translator and received the Georg Trakl Prize for Poetry and the State Scholarship for Literature (1996/97). He has worked as a travel journalist ( Der Standard , Die Presse , Süddeutsche Zeitung ) since 1999 and has been writing a weekly travel column for Amanshauser's World since 2006 in the Friday supplement of the press ; 52 texts from it were collected in 2007 in the logbook world , another 111 texts from it appeared in 2016 in Typisch Welt ; his former Sunday column "Falsch Reisen" was published in 2014 as a book of the same name, Falsch Reisen. They all do it, 100 stories . In 2000 he took part in the Ingeborg Bachmann Competition with the story El Examen .

Martin Amanshauser was successful with his volume of poetry 100,000 sold copies (including at the ilb-SLAM! -Revue 2002), and the follow-up volume Es ist uncomfortable in the solar system was published in 2019. Examples of his publications, some of which are characterized by Viennese witticism: the Viennese city crime novel In the stomach of a sick hyena , Novels like peanut butter , NIL , Chicken Christl , or the space novel Everything never works (all Deuticke Verlag ). The non-fiction book Much Enjoyment for Little Money is a reader on the economic crisis with practical tips .

In 2015, his most famous novel to date, The Fish in a Matchbox , in which a modern cruise ship meets pirates, was published. The Süddeutsche Zeitung called the text “Hanebueches? Constructed? Totally gaga? All three - and totally awesome. "



  • In the stomach of a sick hyena, Viennese city thriller ; Deuticke Verlag, Vienna, 1997
  • Peanut butter ; Roman, Deuticke Verlag, Vienna, 1998
  • The leap into the third millennium ; together with Gerhard Amanshauser; Provincial Library, Weitra, 1999/2000
  • In the hour of death of Alfons Alfred Schmidt - a wine tavern opera, poems & a pocket train ; Poems, Deuticke Verlag, Vienna, 2000
  • Nile ; Roman, Deuticke Verlag, Vienna, 2001
  • 100,000 copies sold ; Poems, Deuticke Verlag, Vienna / Frankfurt, 2002
  • Chicken Christl ; Roman, Deuticke Verlag, Vienna / Frankfurt, 2004
  • Everything never works out ; Roman, Deuticke Verlag, Vienna / Munich, 2005
  • On the wrong side of Ikebukuro ; CD by Amanshauser & Wenzl, Acute Music, Vienna, 2006
  • Logbook World, 52 travel stories , Christian Brandstätter Verlag, Vienna 2007
  • Much enjoyment for little money , non-fiction book, Christian Brandstätter Verlag, Vienna 2009
  • The Rogner Bad Blumau , non-fiction book, Perlen Reihe, Vienna 2013
  • Wrong travel, everyone does it, 100 stories , non-fiction, Picus Verlag, Vienna 2014
  • The fish in the matchbox , Roman, Deuticke Verlag, Vienna 2015
  • Pedro und der Drachen , children's book, together with Judith Loske (illustrations), Picus Verlag, Vienna 2016
  • The America trap or: How I learned to love a world power, non-fiction book, Kremayr & Scheriau, Vienna 2018
  • It's uncomfortable in the solar system, poems, Kremayr & Scheriau, Vienna 2019

Translations from Portuguese ( Rui Zink : Hotel Lusitano , 1998, Apokalüpse Nau , 1999, and Afghanistan!, 2001) and American (Askold Melnyczuk: At least thousand relatives , 2006, Das Witwenhaus , 2008).

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