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Gerhard Amanshauser (born January 2, 1928 in Salzburg ; † September 2, 2006 there ) was an Austrian writer .

life and work

Gerhard Amanshauser studied electrical engineering at the Technical University in Graz as well as German and English in Vienna , Innsbruck and Marburg an der Lahn. From 1955 he lived as a writer in Salzburg.

From 1968, when Aus dem Leben der Quaden appeared, Gerhard Amanshauser was one of the main authors of the Residenz Verlag . There he published seven books until 1979. In the 1980s, Amanshauser was quiet before the provincial library publishing house reissued its entire work in 19 volumes from 1996 . While the terrace book (first edition 1973) with its exact observations and the harsh social criticism stood for Amanshauser's early phase, the mansard book (1999) is one of his late main works.

With the autobiography of his youth, Als Barbar im Prater , he returned to Residenz Verlag in 2001. The Germanist Wendelin Schmidt-Dengler described the book as one of the most important autobiographies in the country's post-war history. In it, Amanshauser is not afraid to take self-critical and anti-political standpoints. Recently there has been a rediscovery of the writer Daniel Kehlmann described as “the most important among Austria's hitherto undiscovered authors”. The reading book Unmasking the Fleeting Sketched Men (2003) with a foreword by Karl-Markus Gauß brings together a characteristic selection of Amanshauser's texts.

In addition to novels , short stories and poems, Amanshauser's work includes autobiographical as well as philosophical, art-critical and other essays , reviews , lectures , radio plays , a children's book and a screenplay that served as the basis for the filming of his prose farce Schloss with late guests by the ORF . Using satire, Amanshauser holds up a mirror to modern society. He often views the world critically from the position of the outsider. Two issues that he repeatedly addresses are life under the conditions of the National Socialist regime and an ideal old Far East .

Part of unpublished artistic work Amanshausers, besides literary works and designs in a premature legacy , which the Austrian Literature Archive in 2006 acquired, small-format drawings and watercolors in the style of Chinese ink painting, which the parkinson ill served the author in his last years as a means of expression. In 2006, Sixpack Film released the movie Travel in Your Own Room about Gerhard Amanshauser, directed by Bernhard Braunstein and David Gross.


Book publications (selection)

As an author:

  • From the life of the quadrupeds. A satire (1968, new edition Verlag Bibliothek der Provinz , Weitra, 1998 ISBN 3-85252-270-6 )
  • The deserter. Stories (1970)
  • Sentence and contrast. Essays (1972, new edition, Verl. Bibliothek d. Provinz, Weitra, 2006 ISBN 978-3-85252-719-2 )
  • Annoyances of a wizard. Satires and Marginalia (1973)
  • Castle with late guests. Roman (1975, new edition, publ. Library of the Province, Weitra, 1997 ISBN 3-85252-144-0 )
  • Limits. Records (1977)
  • Records from a probe. Parodies (1979, new edition, Verl. Bibliothek d. Provinz, Weitra, 1996 ISBN 3-85252-133-5 )
  • List of illusions. Comments (1985, new edition, publ. Library of the Province, Weitra, 2001 ISBN 3-85252-271-4 )
  • Poems (1986)
  • Drive to the Forbidden City. Satires and Capriccios (1987)
  • The no-name lake. Chinese impressions (1988, new edition, publ. Library of the Province, Weitra, 2007 ISBN 978-3-85252-806-9 )
  • Moloch horridus. Records (1989, new edition, Verl. Bibliothek d. Provinz, Weitra, 2000 ISBN 3-85252-269-2 )
  • Reading. Records (1991, reprinted 2008)
  • Killing mosquitoes. Exaggerated Stories (1993)
  • Tables, chairs & beer mugs. Lectures (Verl. Bibliothek d. Provinz, Weitra, 1997 ISBN 3-85252-152-1 )
  • Artist luggage. Stories (Verl. Bibliothek d. Provinz, Weitra, 1998 ISBN 3-85252-190-4 )
  • Attic book (Publishing Library of the Province, Weitra, 1999 ISBN 3-85252-290-0 )
  • Terrace book (Publ. Library of the Province, Weitra, 1999 ISBN 3-85252-291-9 )
  • The leap into the third millennium (together with Martin Amanshauser , Verl. Bibliothek d. Provinz, Weitra, 2000 ISBN 3-85252-334-6 )
  • As a barbarian in the Prater. Autobiography of a Youth (2001)
  • Fringed book. Prose pieces (Verl. Bibliothek d. Provinz, Weitra, 2002 ISBN 3-85252-519-5 )
  • Ear sausage from Austria. Satires (Verl. Bibliothek d. Provinz, Weitra, 2002 ISBN 3-85252-428-8 )
  • The red man is snowed in. Picture book (Verl. Bibliothek d. Provinz, Weitra, 2002 ISBN 3-85252-433-4 )
  • Exposing the briefly sketched gentlemen. Reader (2003)
  • The Taoist Powidl mood of the Austrians. Correspondence 1953-1986 with Hermann Hakel (Verl. Bibliothek d. Provinz, Weitra, 2005 ISBN 3-85252-636-1 )
  • Soundings and responses. Reading notes (Verl. Bibliothek d. Provinz, Weitra, 2007 ISBN 978-3-85252-812-0 )
  • The anachronistic lover. Early prose (Verl. Bibliothek d. Provinz, Weitra, 2008 ISBN 978-3-85252-801-4 )
  • Fat for the anonymous culture business. Essays (Verl. Bibliothek d. Provinz, Weitra, 2008 ISBN 978-3-85252-879-3 )
  • It would be nice not to be a writer. Diaries (2012)
  • The joy of doing nothing. Short prose, aphorisms, autobiography (Klever Verlag 2018 ISBN 978-3-903110-28-1 )

As editor, contributions among others:

  • The high song in German love songs. Selection and epilogue by Gerhard Amanshauser. With 15 drawings by Anton Lehmden (1959)
  • Old Salzburg. Selected views of the city from 1493 - 1850 (1976, ISBN 3-85349-045-X , first 1963, introduction by Gerhard Amanshauser)
  • Rudolf Hradil : watercolors. Drawings. Printmaking. With an essay by Gerhard Amanshauser (1975)
  • Gert Kerschbaumer : The fascination of the Third Reich. Art and everyday life in the cultural metropolis of Salzburg. With a foreword by Gerhard Amanshauser (1988, ISBN 3-7013-0732-6 )
  • Hermann Hakel : The incurable delusion. Thought processes. Ed. by Gerhard Amanshauser (1993)
  • Rudolf Hradil : The Adventure of the Line. Etchings. With a prose text by Gert Jonke "Schwarzdruck" for Hradil, quotes from essays by Gerhard Amanshauser and Paul Valéry , biographical notes by Rudolf Hradil, photos by Monika Lirk and Eric Pratter (2005, ISBN 3-85349-282-7 )

Literature (selection)

  • Josef Donnenberg: Foreword; Facets of a cross-border commuter. - In: ders. (Ed.), Gerhard Amanshauser. GEGEN-SÄTZE, Otto Müller Verlag, Salzburg 1993, pp. 7-10; 79-84.
  • Hans Höller: Foreword. - In: Gerhard Amanshauser, As a barbarian in the Prater. Autobiography of a youth. Residenz Verlag, Salzburg-Wien-Frankfurt 2001 ( ISBN 3-7017-1254-9 ), pp. 5–9.
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