Martin Benckendorf

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Portrait of Martin Benckendorf based on Martin Friedrich Seidel's picture collection

Martin Benckendorf (born December 10, 1545 in Crossen , Duchy of Crossen , † March 4, 1621 in Frankfurt (Oder) ) was a German lawyer and university professor.


Martin Benckendorf was a son of the margravial councilor of the same name in Küstrin . His mother Elisabeth was the daughter of the Frankfurt councilor Sebastian Döring. At the age of 13 he began studying philosophy at the Brandenburg University in Frankfurt . When the plague broke out there in 1565, he temporarily went to Wittenberg, but soon came back. A year later he received his master's degree and was the Dean of the Philosophical Faculty for two years. At the same time, Benckendorf studied with Bartholomäus Rademann the Elder. Ä. (1505–1585), Johann von Köppen (1531–1611) and Ludolph Schrader (1531–1589) Jura.

After receiving his doctorate from the University of Basel , he came to the Faculty of Law in Frankfurt and later became a professor there.


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