Maximilian Philipp Hieronymus (Bavaria-Leuchtenberg)

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Maximilian Philipp Hieronymus, Duke of Bavaria-Leuchtenberg

Maximilian Philipp Hieronymus, Prince of Bavaria (born September 30, 1638 in Munich , † March 20, 1705 in Türkheim ) was Duke of Bavaria-Leuchtenberg from 1650 until his death and regent of the Electorate of Bavaria for the underage Elector from 1679 to 1680 Max Emanuel .


Maximilian Philipp was the second-born son of Maximilian I of Bavaria and Archduchess Maria Anna of Austria . In 1650 his father exchanged with his brother Albrecht VI. the imperial county of Haag against the county of Leuchtenberg and enfeoffed Maximilian Philipp with Leuchtenberg and the rule of Schwabegg . Maximilian Philipp also acquired the Imperial Knightships Angelberg and Mattsies from the Fuggers .

When his nephew Max Emanuel was a minor , Maximilian Philipp ruled Bavaria as spa administrator from 1679 to 1680.

Maximilian Philipp was married to Maurita Febronia de la Tour d'Auvergne , daughter of Duke Friedrich Moritz von Bouillon , since 1668 . The marriage remained childless. After his death, the inheritance fell to his nephew, Elector Max Emanuel. Foundation funds of 60,000 guilders from his allodial goods were used for the construction of the Carmelite convent in Munich.

In Munich, the Maxburg , which he used as his residence, owes its name to him. His main residence, where he and his wife also died, was Türkheim Castle , which they rebuilt in 1682–86 and had a baroque castle garden added to.

Individual evidence

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