Maya Memsaab

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German title Maya Memsaab
Original title Maya Memsaab
Country of production India
original language Hindi
Publishing year 1993
length 171 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Ketan Mehta
script Ketan Mehta after Madame Bovary
production Ketan Mehta
music Hridaynath Mangeshkar
camera Anoop Jotwani
cut Renu Saluja

Maya Memsaab is an Indian film directed by Ketan Mehta from the year 1993 .


Maya ( Deepa Sahi ) is the beautiful but extravagant wife of a country doctor ( Farooque Shaikh ).

The beautiful young Maya has her head full of dreams and her body full of longings. One day her father falls down the stairs and breaks his foot. A young country doctor comes to treat him. Love blossoms between the doctor and Maya and they get married.

First of all, there is the beginning of new life, the remodeling of the house and the mutual discovery that gives euphoria to their feelings . But gradually the monotony of marriage sets in . The boredom of a small town, the middle class existence depresses her and she begins a series of extramarital affairs. At the same time as their fantasies of romance and passion, their desire for a glamorous life increases. She seeks refuge in the possession of luxury symbols and hopes that they will bring her satisfaction, but they only help to multiply her guilt and despair.

Even another extramarital relationship, at first platonic, then passionate, ends pathetically, revealing that adultery is as banal as marriage. The more she is disillusioned with reality, the more she slips into her fantasy world. She chases herself after herself - building castles in the air to her tragic, comic, heroic and magical end.


The film is based on the novel Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert .

This and that

This film was one of Shah Rukh Khan's early films and includes the only scene that is slightly more revealing. The film caused a lot of excitement because of this scene, which compared to western productions can be classified as almost harmless.

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