My song for Peggy

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My song for Peggy
Studio album by Peggy March




June 10th and 11th, 1970

Label (s) Decca ( Teldec )

Format (s)


Genre (s)

Schlager , Pop

Title (number)


  • Choir: Rosy Singers


Wolf Kabitzky

Studio (s)

Teldec Studios, Berlin-Lichterfelde

My world (1970) My song for Peggy Lady Music (1972)
Single release
1973 Like a tiger / [Goodbye and good night]

Mein Lied für Peggy is the sixth German-language music album by the American singer Peggy March . It contains 12 songs by internationally successful composers, including Gilbert Bécaud , Christian Bruhn , Lee Hazlewood and Les Reed . The album was released in 1970 as a long-playing record on Teldec's Decca label (order number: SLK 16654-P). It was not until 1973 that the single Wie ein Tiger followed as the B-side of the title Auf Wiederseh'n und gute Nacht from the LP Lady Music (1972). The 11 German-language tracks on the album Mein Lied für Peggy were re-released on CD in 1996 .

History of origin

Lee Hazlewood, 1968
Martin Böttcher, 2002

Since her US hit I Will Follow Him from 1963, Peggy March was also regularly featured in the local hit parades with German hits. By 1969, her first music label RCA Victor had published the four German-language long-playing records Diary of a 17-year-old (1965; RCA LPM 10014), Laß mir mein Träume (1966; RCA LPM 10088), Hello Boys! (1966; RCA LSP 10141) and Hey, this is music for you (1969; RCA LSP 10257).

From the end of 1969 Peggy March's singles were released on Teldec's Decca label, where, in addition to some hit singles such as In der Carnaby Street (1969) or Die Maschen der Männer (1970), an LP was released. With the album Meine Welt (1970; Decca SLK 16647-P) sung in German and English , music producer Wolf Kabitzky and composer and arranger Henry Mayer broke new ground with Peggy March. The twelve titles included current and sophisticated pop songs by Burt Bacharach , Rodgers & Hart , Jimmy Webb and others.

Based on the model of its predecessor, the music album Mein Lied für Peggy was created just a few months later , for which music producer Wolf Kabitzky selected 12 titles by international composers and songwriters with German lyrics. In addition, well-known arrangers and orchestra leaders such as Gert Wilden and Martin Böttcher took part in the music production. The vocal recordings took place on June 10 and 11, 1970 in the Teldec Studios (now Teldex Studio ) in Berlin-Lichterfelde. The long-playing record was not a commercial success, a single release ( Wie ein Tiger ) only came onto the market in 1973 (Decca D 29 203). For Peggy March, the album was one of the last works with Wolf Kabitzky and Henry Mayer. In 1971 Peggy March switched to producers Michael Holm and Ralph Siegel .

Track list

  1. The discovery of the century
    (music: Christian Bruhn / text: Günter Loose )
  2. Nobody shows me the way
    (Original: When You Look At Him ; Music: Les Reed / Text: Hans Bradtke )
  3. This is magic
    (Original: And I Loved You Then ; Music: Lee Hazlewood / Text: Fini Busch )
  4. So Many Ways
    (Music and Text: Henry Mayer, Peggy March, Arnold Harris)
  5. Like a September day
    (Original: No Sun Today ; Music: James Last / Text: Klaus Munro )
  6. Like a tiger
    (original: Le Sifflet ; music: Sacha Distel / text: Maurice Tézé / German text: Hans Bradtke)
  7. What will be tomorrow
    (Original: 90 minutes after midnight / Love After Midnight ; Music: Bert Kaempfert , Herbert Rehbein / Text: Kurt Hertha )
  8. Penny Song
    (Music: Hans Blum / Text: P. Biste)
  9. Waltz of loneliness
    (music: Bent Fabric / text: Bjerre / German text: Kurt Hertha)
  10. I think back to the time
    (music and text: Michael Holm )
  11. Give me your hand
    (Music: Martin Böttcher / Text: Michael Kunze )
  12. Mein Baum
    (Original: Mon Arbre; Music and Text: Gilbert Bécaud / German Text: Kurt Hertha)

CD release

In 1996 the 11 German-language tracks on the album were re-released on the Bear Family Records label . The original recordings were distributed on the two CDs In Carnaby Street (order number: BCD 15967) and I think back to time (BCD 15969).

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Individual evidence

  1. Jan Feddersen : Text accompanying the CD I think back to time . Bear Family Records. 1996.