My Nikifor

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German title My Nikifor
Original title Mój Nikifor
Country of production Poland
original language Polish
Publishing year 2004
length 96 minutes
Director Krzysztof Krauze
script Krzysztof Krauze ,
Joanna Kos
production Juliusz Machulski
music Bartłomiej Gliniak
camera Krzysztof Ptak
cut Krzysztof Szpetmanski

My Nikifor is a Polish feature film from 2004.


The film tells the story of the painter Nikifor from Krynica . The story begins in 1960 in Krynica, where the painter Marian Włosiński works. The old man Nikifor comes into his studio, unpacks his painting equipment and begins to paint. Nikifor lives as a lonely old man who is neither registered nor has an ID and only knows his naive painting. He earns his living selling his little pictures. Włosiński begins to take an interest in the old man. Even if Nikifor is not very talkative and Włosiński does not open up, they make friends. Caring for the old man becomes an obsession for Włosiński. Nikifor suffers from open tuberculosis . By constantly being with the sick, Włosiński risks becoming infected himself and thus the health of his young family. Włosiński's wife Hanna can no longer stand life with Nikifor, leaves her husband with the children and moves to Krakow .

Years later, in 1967, a large exhibition of Nikifor's paintings opens in Warsaw. Nikifor is now one of the most important naive painters in the world; Włosiński neglects his own painting and only cares about Nikifor's success. A few months after the exhibition success, Nikifor is dying. Hanna comes back to Marian Włosiński in the hope that Nikifor's death might give the family a chance to reunite.


The film received numerous national and international awards. In 2005 he won the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival . Krystyna Feldman also received the award for the best actress and Krauze the award for the best director at the festival. In 2005 the film was awarded the Polish Film Prize in the categories of Best Actress , Best Cinematography , Best Editing, Best Production Design and Best Sound .

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