Melchior Ernst von Knobloch

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Melchior Ernst von Knobloch (born January 28, 1732 , † June 22, 1788 in Königsberg ) was a Prussian Real Privy Councilor and Minister .


Origin and family

Melchior Ernst was a member of the Prussian noble family von Knobloch . His parents were the Prussian Rittmeister and heir to Losgehnen Melchior Erdmann von Knobloch (1698–1733) and Dorothea Emerentia Ursin von Baer adH Blockinnen , (1710–1746), a granddaughter of the court preacher and bishop Benjamin Ursinus von Baer .

He married Johanna Charlotte von Petzinger adH Pomedien (1733–1806) in 1760 . The marriage resulted in two daughters and three sons.


Knobloch enrolled in 1740 at the University of Königsberg in order jurisprudence to study. From 1754 to 1756 he was a trainee lawyer at the Königsberg court . Later he went to the Berlin Court of Appeal and worked briefly as a commissioner at the judicial college in Neuhausen . During the occupation by the Russians , he left the college. After 1763 passed the big exam with good results, he was in 1764 as Hofgerichtsrat bestallt . In 1777 he advanced to the East Prussian Tribunal and Pupil Council and in 1785 to the secret budget minister and at the same time became the fourth member of the East Prussian government. He ended his career in 1788 as Minister and Oberburggraf. His successor in office in Königsberg was Christoph Albrecht von Ostau (1735–1805).

He was hereditary lord on ransom and bareback.


Individual evidence

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