Melchiorre Cafà

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Melchiorre Cafà, Glory of St. Catherine of Siena , completed in 1667. Rome, Santa Caterina a Magnanapoli.

Melchiorre Cafà (in Malta also Gafa or Gafa * 1636 in Birgu , † 4. September 1667 in Rome ) was a famous Maltese sculptor of the Baroque and brother of the architect Lorenzo Gafa .

Cafà was at the start of a great career when he died of an industrial accident at the age of 31 while he was working on the altar decorations for St. John's Co-Cathedral in Valletta .

Works (selection)

The following statues are located in the Hermitage in St. Petersburg:


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Individual evidence

  1. Statue on the Hermitage website
  2. Statue on the Hermitage website
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