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Mercedes Lackey

Mercedes Ritchie Lackey (born June 25, 1950 in Chicago ) is one of the best-selling American authors of fantasy novels.


Her birth prevented her father from serving in the Korean War. She first encountered science fiction literature at the age of 10 or 11 when she read a book by her father, James H. Schmitz - Agent von Vega . Then she read Andre Norton's Beast Master and Lord of Thunder , which ended up being all Norton works. Lackey was now struggling to find enough reading material in the city library to satisfy her passion for reading. She wrote for herself, but with no real purpose or direction, until she attended Purdue University. She graduated in 1972. During her studies, she met a professor of English literature who was a science fiction fan. He helped her analyze her favorite books and then use that knowledge. She began to publish her work in science fiction fanzines.

Professional career

She edited a story for Sword and Sorceress , then rewrote the story, and sold it to Fantasy Book Magazine . Her first sale was Friends of Darkover .

She met CJ Cherryh , who she mentored while working on her "Arrows" series. It was during this time that Marion Zimmer Bradley published her short stories in an anthology, and Cherryh helped Lackey on 17 of her "Arrows" stories. Lackey later said that she wrote so much and because of that, she had no more social life outside of writing. She was divorced from Tony Lackey and eventually married Larry Dixon. Lackey lives with her husband outside of Tulsa , Oklahoma in an unusual house. She describes it as a "2½-storey concrete dome with an octagonal wooden shell above".

In 1991 she received the Lambda Literary Award for Magic's Price in the gay men's science fiction / fantasy category.

Bibliography (selection)


Many of her novels and trilogies are interconnected and set in the world of the Velgarth, especially in and around the land of Valdemar. Her Valdemar novels form a complex structure of interaction between human and non-human protagonists with many different cultures and social customs. In addition to the novels, Lackey also wrote a variety of short stories and poems that take place in Valdemar. The order of the sub-series reflects the internal chronological order.

Mage Wars

(with Larry Dixon)

Last Herald-Mage

The Collegium Chronicles

Herald Spy

Valdemar: Family Spies

Vows and Honor

Heralds Of Valdemar: Alberich's Tale

Heralds of Valdemar

All translated by Marion Vrbicky.

Kerowyn's Tale

Mage Winds

Mage Storms

Darian's Tale

(with Larry Dixon)

Ski's Tale

The Reign of Theran

Volumes of stories

The eight volumes were edited by Mercedes Lackey. They contain your own stories as well as stories by other authors. Here only follow their own stories.

Sunlancer. (with Philip M. Austin)
Sword of Ice. (with John Yezegulalian)
Blue heart. (with Philip M. Austin)
Sun in Glory.
Landscape of the Imagination.
Moving Targets. (with Larry Dixon)
The one left behind.
Finding the way. (with Larry Nixon)
The Simple Gifts.


Fourteen years after the appearance of Arrows of the Queen , John Helfers and Denise Little published a book about the "Valdemar Universe" which u. a. Lackey essay Girl Meets Horse (Sort of) and their short story A Herald's Journey contains

Diana Tregarde

The Sword of Knowledge

It is a "Shared world" series, ie Leslie Fish ( A Dirge for Sabis ), Nancy Asire ( Wizard Spawn ) and Mercedes Lackey share a fictional world . CJ Cherryh is named as a co-author of every book. Just the novel

comes from Lackey. The three novels appeared in 1995 as an anthology under the title The Sword of Knowledge .

Bedlam Bard

The Bedlam-the-Bard books describe a young man with the power to work incredible magic through music.

Halfblood Chronicles

(with Andre Norton)

Bardic Voices


Starting in 1992, based on the story by Anne McCaffrey from 1961 and her eponymous novel from 1969 The Ship Who Sang ( A spaceship named Helva. 1973), a series of seven novels in total was created. Anne McCaffrey wrote four of the novels in collaboration with other authors, including the third volume in the series with Mercedes Lackey under the title

  • The Ship Who Searched , Baen 1992, ISBN 0-671-72129-1 (with Anne McCaffrey)
    • Tia, the spaceship that fell in love , Bastei Lübbe 1993, translator Ralph Tegtmeier, ISBN 3-404-24175-4

Before the novel came out, the story was published in four parts from June to September 1992 by Amazing Stories magazine. In addition, the novel was published in 2003, together with Partnership , the second volume in the series by Anne McCaffrey and Margaret Ball, as an anthology under the title Brain Ships .

SERRAted Edge

SERRAted Edge Prequels

(with Roberta Gellis)

Bard's Tale

All translated by Wolfgang Thon.

Wing Commander


After contributing several stories to Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover anthologies, the two wrote a novel together, the plot of which is set in the "Darkover Universe".

  • Another kind of courage. 1988, A Different Kind of Courage. 1985
In: Marion Zimmer Bradley (ed.): Free Amazons of Darkover. 1988, ISBN 3-8118-3847-4 , Free Amazons of Darkover. 1985, ISBN 0-88677-096-3 .
  • The lesson. 2001, An Object Lesson. 1990
In: Marion Zimmer Bradley (ed.): The domains. 2001, ISBN 3-426-60978-9 , Domains of Darkover. 1990, ISBN 0-88677-407-1 .
  • To set a trap for a thief. 2001, Set a Thief. 1991
In: Marion Zimmer Bradley (ed.): The Sisterhood of the Sword. 2001, ISBN 3-426-60979-7 , Renunciates of Darkover. 1991, ISBN 0-88677-469-1 .
  • The stolen ballad. 1999, Poetic License. 1994
In: Marion Zimmer Bradley (ed.): The Word of Hastur. 1999 ISBN 3-453-13645-4 , Snows of Darkover. 1994, ISBN 0-88677-601-5 .

Elemental Masters

Fairy Tale stories

Heirs of Alexandria

(with Eric Flint and Dave Freer)

Dragon Jousters

Obsidian universe

(with James Mallory)


The Dragon Prophecy

The Enduring Flame

The Enchanted Realms - Five Hundred Kingdoms

All translated by Sandra Müller.

Single novel

  • Tiger Burning Bright , AvoNova / William Morrow 1995, ISBN 0-688-14360-1 (with Marion Zimmer Bradley and Andre Norton)

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