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Michael Douglas Goulder (born May 31, 1927 - January 6, 2010 ) was a British Bible scholar. He spent most of his academic life at Birmingham University , where he retired as Professor of Biblical Studies in 1994.

Academic work

Goulder is likely to have become best known for his contributions to the Synoptic Problem and specifically to the Farrer hypothesis , which is based on the temporal priority of the Gospel of Mark , but has said goodbye to the source of the Logia Q and suggests that the evangelist Luke knew the Gospel of Matthew . Goulder has also been linked to the theory that the evangelists were highly creative writers and that Matthew and Luke had minimal source material. In recent years Goulder has written extensively on a theory of Christian origins, according to which there was a fundamental opposition between Paul and the Jerusalem Christians Peter and James , the brother of Jesus. This was seen as an attempt to revive a hypothesis put forward by Ferdinand Christian Baur .

Goulder was an unusual Bible scholar because he knew his way around both wills. For two decades he published extensively on various Old Testament subjects, but specifically on the Psalms . In this area his work aimed u. a. the elaboration of the historical context in which the individual psalms were used for worship. In doing so, he made comparisons with the traditions behind other biblical texts, e.g. B. behind the five books of Moses ( Pentateuch ). Despite some criticism of his conclusions from other scholars, Goulder has been described as "a renowned leader in the study of the Hebrew Psalter".


Goulder was educated first at Eton College and then Trinity College , Cambridge , where he received a degree in classical philology. He was ordained in Hong Kong by Ronald Hall, the Anglican Bishop of Victoria, Hong Kong, and Macau, but originally wanted to seek non-church employment. Without any (at least formal) theological training, he returned to England and studied under Austin Farrer at Trinity College (Oxford) while serving as a substitute at the university congregation. After several years of parish ministry in Withington ( Manchester ), he returned to Hong Kong to serve as rector of the Union Theological College . He then took up a position in the Extra Mural Department at the University of Birmingham. A few years later he returned to Trinity College (1969–1971) to give lectures on the way Matthew wrote his gospel. While doing this, Goulder renounced the hypothetical source of logic Q, for which he was awarded the doctoral degree. He was teaching clergy classes in Birmingham, but after being invited to lectures in Hong Kong, he decided to step down from his ordinations, which he did in 1981. Goulder never became an aggressive atheist, but was a member of the Committee for the Scientific Study of Religion (CSER), a branch of the Council for Secular Humanism, and became chairman of the Birmingham Humanists in 1993 , shortly before joining withdrew from academic life.

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