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Mikiko Ponczeck at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2011.

Mikiko Claire Ponczeck (born February 2, 1984 in Tokyo ) is a German-Japanese comic artist who is best known on the Internet by her stage name Zombiesmile .


As a child, Mikiko moved a lot because of her father's job, so she lived in Hong Kong and Brussels, among other places, and speaks German, English, Japanese and French. In 1999 she moved to Germany, where she also graduated from high school. She was engaged to the American concept artist and comic book artist Shaun Healey until 2014. Today she lives and works in Düsseldorf.


With Lost and Found , Mikiko published her first comic with The Wild Side in August 2007. Both this and the Artbook Blue , published in September 2009, were published under the pseudonym Zombiesmile. At The Wild Side she worked for several years as art director and was also responsible for the translation of various works into German and the lettering . In 2010 she was recruited by Tokyopop Germany for a contribution to the anthology Grimms Manga Sonderband . The volume with its adaptation of the fairy tale King Drosselbart was published in July 2011. In the same year, Lost and Found and the Artbook Blue were reissued by Tokyopop.

From the beginning of 2010 until the end of 2011 she was one of several lecturers at the Comicademy for the online Scribble Club course there and consequently also gave workshops in the Bundeskunsthalle Bonn . She was also employed in 2010 as a colorist for the comics Rombies by author Tom Taylor and draftsman Skye Ogden for the Australian publisher Gestalt Publishing. Over the years he has worked for the Subway restaurant chain , the Animexx association and the Fireangels publishing house .

Since December 2011 she has been an editor and presenter at Aufgezeichnung.tv , a German Internet program about comics and manga in Germany. As part of the program, she reviews current manga titles.

In July 2012, her profile on Deviantart reached one million clicks. In the same month, the title Grimms Manga Sonderband won the AnimaniA Award for Best Manga National, while her debut Lost And Found made it to second place.

From February to October 2013 she will host the web show J-Mag on MyVideo . The show revolved around manga , anime and Japanese culture, as well as pop culture, and was first broadcast live every 14 days.

In 2016 she was awarded the audience prize of the Max and Moritz Prize for Crash 'n' Burn at the Erlangen Comic Salon . Her latest works Scars and Miki's Mini Comics were published by Pyramond .



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