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Monika Döring (* 1937 ) is a German event organizer and scene icon . With her club “Loft” she was one of the most important promoters of the avant-garde music scene in West Berlin in the 1980s .

Childhood and career

Döring comes from the broader family of the Hungarian poet Endre Adys . Her grandmother ran a music store, and father and sister were opera singers. She grew up with classical music and soon became interested in free jazz . In this way she discovered punk and from 1981 she organized concerts in the “Music Hall” on Rheinstrasse in Steglitz . She met her future husband Heiner through the student movement.

Events in the loft

After Döring organized various concerts in the Music Hall in Steglitz from 1981 onwards , in 1982 she moved into the former rooms of the "Jesus People" above the "Metropol" on Nollendorfplatz and founded the 600-person club and concert agency "Loft" there. Over the 500 concerts and 800 bands in 6 years that Monika Döring held concerts there, she provided a stage for countless musicians who were later seen as relevant and groundbreaking. Among other things, she organized concerts with Tuxedomoon , the Birthday Party , Cabaret Voltaire , Sonic Youth , die Ärzte , Wire, Cocteau Twins , Diamanda Galás , Nick Cave , the Einstürzende Neubauten , Björk , Bad Brains , Swans , Abwärts , Johnny Thunders , die Toten Hosen , Newtrament, Public Enemy and Run-DMC .

After loft concerts

In 1987 Irmgard Schmitz, Döring's assistant at the time, took over Loft Concerts together with the musician and promoter Axel Schulz . Döring moves to San Francisco and there comes into contact with the Goa trance scene. She befriends Goa Gil and brings Goa and Psytrance concerts to Berlin. Since 1996 she has been spending her time between Berlin and Goa .

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