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The position of the CLE Moore Instructor s was named after Clarence Lemuel Elisha Moore (1876-1931), who was Professor of Geometry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) from 1904 until the end of his life .

It is awarded several times a year by the Faculty of Mathematics (Math Department) at MIT to young Doctors of Mathematics ( Ph.D. ) in order to enable them to devote themselves to pure mathematical work for two years. As instructors , they are expected to be involved in research as well as teaching. The position of Moore instructor is highly regarded and therefore very desirable. The number of Moore instructors fluctuates per year, but it can be 15 and more.


Holders of this position included: Elias Stein , Daniel Quillen , James Serrin , Sigurdur Helgason , Tom Apostol , Felix Browder , John Forbes Nash Jr. , Harry Fürstenberg , George Springer , Paul Cohen , Edward Thorp , James Simons , Egbert Brieskorn , Peter Dombrowski , Robert Strichartz , Richard P. Stanley , William Messing , Alexander Kechris , Anthony W. Knapp , Robert Strichartz, Alan Weinstein , Mark Goresky , Joe Harris , Robert Rumely , Joseph Silverman , Daniel S. Freed , Karen Smith , Alexander Braverman , Matilde Marcolli , Nancy Kopell , George Duff , John Garnett , Charles C. Conley , Nils Dencker , Irwin Kra , Walter Rudin , Akshay Venkatesh , Isadore M. Singer , Michael Wolf , Robert Thomason , Curtis McMullen , Shang-Hua Teng , Ravi Vakil and James D. Stasheff .

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