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The Mozartband is an Austrian band, the compositions of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in contemporary guise, i. H. a mixture of different musical styles such as classical , rock , pop , jazz , folk music and ethno .


The Mozart band was founded by Wolfgang Staribacher in 1995 after the original Alpinkatzen broke up. In 1999 the first stable line-up was finally found, after having worked with over 70 instrumentalists and 30 singers. This was followed by the world premiere of the production "König des Glücks" for the Wiener Festwochen , an arrangement of the Serenata Il re pastore by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart , which caused a sensation.

The next year the band started work on the first album "Soul". The album was released in 2002 with some delay because the recordings were supposed to take almost 2 years.

In 2003 the band performed their own production "Gauklersonate" 35 times in front of a sold out house at the Tollwood Festival in Munich . Alvaro Solar directed this "artistic variety show with the Mozart band". In 2004 a sequel followed with "2.Satz", which was recorded for ZDF and 3sat .

In 2006 the second album "Volcano Allegre" came on the market, which received similar euphoric reviews as the debut album, which had sold over 25,000 copies by then.

The Mozart band has been giving concerts in the trio line-up since 2013: Yasmine Piruz - coloratura soprano; Wolfgang Staribacher - electrified accordion; Markus Perschon - Drums


  • 2002: Soul
  • 2006: Volcano Allegre


Current line-up

  • Wolfgang Staribacher - accordion, Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer electric piano, harpsichord
  • Christian Wolf - tenor (Bluestenor) & guitar
  • Yasmine Piruz - mezzo-soprano
  • Nici Walde - bassoon
  • Toni Burger - violin, mandolin
  • Andrew Jezek - viola
  • Robert Pistracher - bass
  • Yogo package - percussion
  • Markus Perschon - Drums

former members

  • Barbara Karolyi - soprano
  • Daniela Hennecke - soprano
  • Annette Koch - mezzo-soprano
  • Vladimir Kacar - bassoon
  • Paul Schneider - Drums

Guest musician on "Soul"

  • Lynne Kieran - Alto
  • Andreas Gabauer - additional vocals
  • Maria Frodl - violoncello
  • Melissa Coleman - violoncello
  • Heinz Jäger - double bass
  • Robert Riegler - electric bass
  • Heinz Jiras - Hohner Clavinet
  • Siegfried Haglmo - diatonic accordion
  • Otmar Klein - diatonic accordion
  • Krzystof Dobrek - accordion
  • Hans Tschiritsch - Tuned glasses & ventilators

Guest musician on "Volcano Allegre"

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