Multimedia and law

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Multimedia and law

description German legal journal
publishing company Publishing house CH Beck
First edition 1998
Frequency of publication per month
Web link Publishing site
ISSN (print)

Multimedia und Recht (abbreviated: MMR ) is a legal journal in which articles on information , telecommunications and media law are published.

The editors are Dietrich Beese , Dorothee Belz , Michael Bertrams , Herbert Burkert , Oliver Castendyk , Jürgen Doetz , Carl-Eugen Eberle , Peter Heinacher , Reto M. Hilty , Thomas Hoeren , Bernd Holznagel , Günter Knieps , Christopher Kuner , Matthias Kurth , Wernhard Möschel , Bernd Pill , Robert Queck , Peter Raue , Wolfgang von Reinersdorff , Eike Röhling , Alexander Roßnagel , Joachim Scherer , Raimund Schütz , Ulrich Sieber , Gerald Spindler and Eike Ullmann .

The magazine was founded in 1998 and is published monthly by the CH Beck publishing house in Munich.

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